Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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We left off on quite the heavy note with the mid-season finale of Glee in February. Karofsky attempted suicide and Quinn got in a bad car accident due to texting and driving. But on last night’s returning ep, “Big Brother,” all we got was Blaine’s flamboyant actor brother and some bad baby news for Sue. How did the Karofsky thing go without mention? And how come more time wasn’t spent discussing Quinn’s (SPOILER ALERT!!!) now being in a wheelchair? And don’t the gleeks just look a little bit too happy here when they should really be mourning the sadness that happened to their friends? Here’s that moment in time where we dissect the episode and talk about the totally unlikely things that happened. Ready, set..

1. Quinn is now in a wheelchair and she doesn’t even care. Seriously, she’s her usual cheery self a few months after the car accident and is totally optimistic that she’ll regain use of her legs with physical therapy and treatment. Now we don’t know about you, but we’d be pretty depressed if we all of a sudden became paralyzed and had to possibly put plans of college (YALE, nonetheless!) on hold. Why did Rachel care more about Quinn’s condition than she did?!


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Tina had the right idea. Wouldn’t you have reacted like this?!


2. And speaking of Quinn in a wheelchair, her and Artie spend Senior Ditch Day at a park for disabled people. While the rest of New Directions go to Six Flags and ride roller-coasters on their day off, Artie teaches Quinn wheely tricks and takes her to a park for disabled people to make her more comfortable with her new set of wheels. But that plan backfires when she tells Artie she’s not one of them and will get better eventually. Awkward.


3. Sue gets good — and bad — news about her unborn baby. The good news? It’s a girl, like she wanted. The bad news? She finds out that there were some “irregularities in the amnio” and that her baby has Down Syndrome like Becky. Ok, it’s not unlikely that that would happen to a woman of her age that’s pregnant — but it is unlikely that she’s even preggers in the first place. From a “celebrity” sperm donor. Puleez.


4. Blaine’s brother Cooper comes to Lima. Actor Cooper is super famous because he’s on commercials, so obvs he’s pretty popular at McKinley. But not with Blaine, who kinda hates him and hates that he’s not an encouraging and supportive older brother who instead just criticized his every move. Obviously these two make up (and duet, like, 3 times) by episode’s end, but this whole relationship seems a bit weird to us. Cooper should just like Blaine! He’s more talented than him! Gosh.


And besides, Blaine looks way hotter in the shower…


5. Finn rethinks his relationship with Rachel. After Finn has some quality pool-cleaning time with Puck, he realizes that he wants a future, possibly not in NY, that possibly doesn’t involve Rachel. But when he confronts her about it, it turns into a fight and he tells Rachs she needs to figure out if he’s love with him or who she wants him to be. Just one comment here — we told ya so?!


Did you like this episode? Think Quinn will stay in a wheelchair forever? What do you hope happens with Finchel?

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  • 10 inches

    I think the girls should have a hardcore lesbian orgy!

  • Gleek

    I love Quinn’s outlook on life! But screw Finchel, Blaine and Mercedes, they’re just boring!

  • bree

    i rather see rachel and quinn a couple screw the guys.

    • mariah


  • Morgan

    I agree that Blaine looks waaaayyy better in the shower, but I wish they’d shown more of his abs!!!

  • Emily

    I still don’t get how someone who’s in a commercial could get that famous lol… Unless Cooper was like Flo the Progressive Girl, then yes I understand xD But I thought the episode was OK. I was expecting a bit more… pizazz… I was in total shock in February then I saw it said “Coming back in April” OMG.

  • Ava

    I think won’t get out of the chair. And maybe Finn and Rachel will have a few “breaks” but who knows! Besides I think Rachel and Puck have much better chemistry.

    • sorcha

      Well, Jesse is coming back in soon, I really like Rachel and Jesse together, so I hope something happens there..

      • rosalice

        I do to!
        Jesse is soo handsome! And they are perfect together

  • 1105!

    Ugh. I used to adore Finchel, but them getting married in high school is SO incredibly stupid and Finn is being SUCH a jerk about it that now I ship Faberry, and their hugging scene in BB made me grin.

  • shannon

    I really think Finn and Rachel are meant to be, and I think they will go anywhere together. I swear if they break them up before the end of the season, I will kill Ryan Murphy!

  • Samese

    I love to glee episode big brother. I was so excited all week and I cant wait until next week. But I kinda thought that after that long wait, it would be a lot bigger than it was.

  • Kenrico

    Quinn WILL get out of that chair… She’s strong enough to get through this. I understand Artie is trying to be helpful give her options if she doesn’t get out of the chair, but I don’t like the fact he’s putting her down about it even though I know he’s only trying to help. I totally said I wouldn’t let anyone date Quinn or Joe but I totally ship them two if anything ever happens. I understand Finn is starting to think about his future but he knew what complications they had if he moves to NY with Rachel, but if they were really meant to be fate/God (Whichever you believe in) will find a way around it. Also, I feel completely sympathetic towards Coach Sylvester situation. First her sister ended up with irregularities. Then she finds this girl name Becky who had irregularities. Now she’s finding out her own baby has some… Hasn’t she been through enough? Doesn’t she deserve to have one person who she finds dear in this world to not have something everyone finds to be disgusting or not normal. I don’t find anything wrong with having down syndrome. To me if you have it, it’s because you were too perfect and you needed at least one thing to be wrong with you so you don’t end up being cocky. So to me, people with down syndrome are 99% perfect. This episode really upset me when I saw Quinn and will not satisfied until she walks out of that chair dancing on the stage Nationals. Please bring out of that chair, please let Sue have this ONE loved one without down syndrome, and please let me join Glee T.T. Well that’s what I think of this episode.

  • Veronica

    I was in total shock at last night’s ep! Blaine’s cover of ‘Fighter’ was like. HOT! I LOVE GLEE <3