6 Predictions for a Snooki-less Jersey Shore

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The Situation is out of rehab (after “exhausting” himself) and MTV has confirmed that your fave reality cast will all return to Seaside this summer for season 6 of Jersey Shore — but what if Snooki and her meatball-to-be couldn’t make it? We’ve dusted off our crystal ball, and we’re predicting…

6. Sober Sundays
 Having alcohol around a recovering addict (and a pregnant person) can’t be healthy, so we predict at least one day a week where the rest of the cast tries to abstain in solidarity. Now there will be more time to cook Sunday dinners, perhaps?


5. Group Lamaze Meetings
Hey, Snooks is going to need help during the delivery, so count on the crazy antics of the cast at these classes to prep for Mini Snooki’s arrival.


 4. Karma Chameleons
Looks like late-night clubbing can’t be too constant — and we hardly expect Mike to sit at home. Expect to see more Seaside action like nights at the boardwalk, playing mini golf, or — gasp! — working overtime at the The T-Shirt Store.


3. Nap Time!
What passes the time fastest in a house with no Internet, no cell phones and no TVs? Plenty o’ naps. We’re thinking a 3 p.m. wake up time would be enough time to take care of GTL, grab a quick bite and start getting ready for the evening, right?


2. Two New Cast Members
We’re calling it now — we don’t think a single individual could handle being “the new Snooki,” so watch for MTV to cast not one but TWO outrageous personalities.


1. This Will Be… the Last Season
We’ve been there through their highs and lows, and even we can’t believe how much the cast has changed in the past few years. But all good things come to an end — and we’ll still hang in for every spinoff and reunion special, of course!


So what will and won’t be a shore thing this season of Jersey Shore? Are you going to tune even though Snooki’s knocked up and Mike’s, um, recovering?

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  • Emily

    Love the show

  • Emily

    She is crazy sometime but people love that

  • LILI


    • Kyra

      First of all its SNOOKI an NO she didnt

  • kitkat

    Has snooki had the baby? and how many more seasons of jersey shore are their going to be? Are her and jionni together?

  • Cassie

    I just went to the Jersey Shore today it took me 2 1/2 hrs cause I live in New Jersey but all the way up north Jersey Shore is all the way down south I’m still exuasted from sitting down for mor than 2 hrs and walking for 4 hrs and then sitting down for 3 1/2 hrs cause of traffic and sleeping in the back seat foe 2 hrs I just wanna djdjemjfjfnrnjrhvmfnrmjgbfmehjfkvhrm. N r vh. V vh. Gfhhgyvrruhh m,.,,,,,,…kijgyydrd Sorry I fell asleep adios people

  • mary

    did snookie already have her baby

  • Jacki

    Fucken haters all of u. Who hate it like Sam and Jillian stupid bitches

    • jess

      oh shut the fuck up your the stupid bitch whos getting all worked up over a show lmao get a life

      • Emily


  • Alexis

    woooow! i cant believe snooki’s pregnat!

  • Jillian

    Its ending? HALLELUJAH

  • Sam

    I hate that show!

    • kitkat

      I love jersey shore Sammie and Ronnie are so cute!!!

      • Rae

        To bad there crazy as hell