5 Guys Who Don’t Deserve Hot Girlfriends

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If you’re anything like me, you sometimes do a double take when a cute girl is on the arm of a completely douchey guy. “How did he pull her?” you think, baffled, as he strolls by in an Ed Hardy shirt and gold fedora. This phenomenon even spawned a website and book, Hot Girls With Douchebags, but sadly, it’s not a tragedy that can even be seen in Hollywood.

It seems like there are a handful of guys who seem just awful, yet they manage to snag hottie after hottie. Why?! Sure they’re rich and famous — but so are their girlfriends! Once you take away their status, what on earth do these ladies see in their inferior fellas? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Alex Pettyfer
I’ve heard from a slew of sources that Alex is not only mean, but can get violent. Word has it he freaked the freak out when Dianna Agron broke up with him, but don’t worry, it wasn’t long until he found another hot girl to date—model Riley Keogh, aka Elvis’s granddaughter. Even weirder? They’re engaged! But she’s only 22 which doesn’t seem quite saavy enough to spot a grade-A jerk up front.


Ashton Kutcher
We all know Ashton didn’t deserve Demi Moore—DUH. But did he really manage to spend a steamy night with Rihanna? How? How did he do that? Then again, RiRi does seem to have questionable taste in guys. Maybe compared to slap-happy Chris Brown, Ashton and his army of lame jokes and trucker hats seemed like a serious upgrade.

Russell Brand
A great personality can go a long way in terms of making up for a less-than-hunky body or face. But Russell really puts this loophole to the test with his parade of jeggings and creepster facial hair. The fact that he let Katy Perry slip away tells me that not only is he vulgar and grubby, but possibly insane as well!


Joe Jonas
My mom is 100 percent convinced that Joe Jonas is gay but for the time being, he seems straight as an arrow, to the point that no female celebrity is immune to his flirtations. From Taylor Swift to Ashley Greene, the middle JoBro has left a trail of tears and misery in his wake… but can anyone explain why this guy is so lusted after? Sure, he’s cute, but if you hear that a guy is a heartbreaker, does it make you want him less… or more?

Splash News

Wilmer Valderrama
I don’t have any idea how he’s still famous either. Maybe because he’s dated the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Demi Lovato (please date better guys, Demi!) and now, Minka Kelly. Does he have some over-the-top amazing personality that we don’t know about?

Would you want to date any of these dudes? And are there any other Hollywood boys who are snagging ladies WAY out of their league?

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  • Lakisha Peterkin

    lol the way you guys framed this makes it look like questions you’d see on http://www.formvote.com

  • ghaVie

    you forgot ZEfron.

  • Lucy

    Who wrote this …. is just a ignorant!!! Joe broke up only with 2 girls and you don’t know Joe’s story because he doesn’t need to trash talk about her ex girlfriends to become famous. Taylor tells a lie, you trust and love her! and she humiliated him on TV. Joe broke with Demi in good terms and because he only sees her as a friend. After Demi split from Joe, she immediately dated wilmer in 2010.
    Camilla Belle and Ashley Greene used to Joe and cheated on him. But Joe never says nothing about it! He’s the most genuine guy and doesn’t hold grudges with them. Everyone makes mistakes.

    • aperson

      ok whoa calm down dude…. i thought he only broke up with two ppl… but ur list has a whole lot of ppl.. and having anger issues won’t change the effin list

    • Jenna

      Wow Lucy you sure seem to have the inside scoop on Joe Jonas. You two must be SUPER CLOSE for you to know so much about him. The rest of us should just be shameful for daring to speak out because YOU are so ALL KNOWING on all things Joe. I bet you have an entire WALL devoted to him right?


  • Sarah

    Joe doesn’t deserve to be on this list. He’s a good guy and is the furthest thing from a douchebag! Just because his exes made a big deal out of the break up’s doesn’t mean that it was all his fault. No one ever hears his side of the story because he’s smarter than that. Leave Joe alone.

  • Katie

    You cant just say that this happens to guys. What about Joe’s ex Taylor Swift. She has dated sooo many guys and they have all broken up. Maybe something is wrong with her as well?

    • Jenna

      Who knows, you might be right, but this article is about douchebags not stage five clingers.

  • onedirection4life

    btw emma her name is danielle not daniella xx

  • onedirection4life

    i think niall from one direction should have a girlfriend and if so i’d love 2 fill that space

  • day

    Joe Jonas shouldn’t be on here. Just because he broke up with a couple of girls doesn’t make him the bad guy. haven’t you wondered why they broke up? you guys are just blaming the guys what if it was the girls fault no one ever looks at the other persons point of view. Mabye he just hasn’t found the right girl yet. how else will you find the person you are meant to be with if you don’t go out and look. you guys just see the girl as the broken hearted one but if you hear his music you’ll see that he is really hurt of his break ups.

  • madison and kayla

    they are all ugly guys.

  • Cadie

    Just because Joe has broken hearts really doesn’t make him a jerk. He’s attractive and talented, of course girls will go after him and be heartbroken when it ends. But that doesn’t mean that he should vow celibacy or anything.

    • prettyrose

      i dont think thats cool because he keeps on playing with other people s heart after all.

  • Emma

    Nooooo noooo noo !!!!! This is all wrong ………all those guys up there should have girlfriend or none…. I think the guys who shouldn’t have a girlfriend are ONE DIRECTION ! AND THERES 5OF THEM ! Well I do love how Eleanor and Louis r 2gether and that Liam and Daniella r 2gether ! They just make the cutest couples ! 😀 <3

  • allie

    considering joe’s exes are usually hung up on him, i’d say he’s not a jerk. and the exes must’ve been relatively happy in the relationship to care so much after they’ve ended that relationship. a person can’t stay in a relationship they’re not happy with. it happens. he’s young, he needs to date around.

    he doesn’t deserve to be on a list of douchebags though. because he’s the furthest thing from that. i’d date joe. 😉

    • shallon

      Allie, that’s a really good point! Maybe he’s so awesome that they can’t forget him. But me, I find myself hung up on dudes who I only REMEMBER as being awesome…even if they weren’t :)

    • Caalo

      Thanks Auktweena,I have looked at bdryupdess and marketpress but have not used them. Good to see WordPress spreading in Alaska.Cheers Joe Law

  • Brianna :)

    i would prob go wit Joe cuz honestly he is good lookin! 😀 U cnt say he isnt!!!!

  • Glitter

    I would only date Alex Pettyfer and/or Joe Jonas’ Brother Nick

  • Donna

    Wilmer Valderrama is famous for being “FEZ” on the “That’s 70’s Show”

  • Sam

    I wouldn’t date any of these people and Joe doesn’t deserve any girl. He will just dump them anyways.