How to Make Our 5 Favorite TV Shows Even Better

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It’s unlikely that one day a Hollywood producer is going to come knocking on my door and asking — no, begging — for my input on their hit series. But, that doesn’t stop me from watching all my fave shows with a bit of a critical eye and wondering how I could make a good thing even better…


The problem: Remember when Puck, Brittany and Mercedes actually had plot lines of their very own and it wasn’t just all about Rachel and Kurt? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Finchel and Porcelain, but the reason Glee is so awesome is because no matter what you’re going through, there seems to be a character who can feel your pain! But now the outlandish issues facing these “ordinary” teens — a too-famous older brother, high school marriage, life in a wheelchair — don’t feel all that relatable. Do you agree?

Artie and Quinn in Wheelchairs


The solution: Mix up the plot lines and make them a bit more down-to-earth. We don’t need to see outlandish catastrophes to be entertained. One of the best episodes was when Rachel struggled with feeling lame because she didn’t drink — totally been there myself!

Teen Mom

The problem: After a few seasons of this hit MTV show, it’s getting unbearably painful to watch these girls make the same mistakes as the last crop of knocked-up high schoolers. Don’t you just want to scream “YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A DOUCHE! HE’S GOING TO DITCH YOU”?


The solution: Mix in a dating or self esteem expert like Dr. Drew, Steve from Tough Love or heck, even Dr. Phil. Enough trainwreck TV — let’s help these girls help themselves for once!

Gossip Girl

The problem: I’ll admit that half the time when I’m watching GG I’m not even paying attention to the plot — I’m totally focused and drooling on their incredible outfits! A few times I’ve tried to take notes on what Serena and Blair were wearing, hoping to recreate it later, but there are simply too many stellar styles to jot down in one hour!

Alloy Entertainment

The solution: Take a cue from Fashion Star and make some of the styles — or at least their less-expensive equivalent — available to purchase the next day. Because every girl should have a closet like a Van der Woodsen… XOXO.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

The problem: At first the curvy reality clan were oh-so-fresh and funny, but now their “problems” seem incredibly contrived. I mean, did any of us actually believe Kendall was going to fly to Vegas to get a tattoo? Pfft, come on. Since Kimmy’s divorce dramz, their empire seems to be dwindling as people start to wonder if any of their antics are real.


The solution: Put them in situations that even Kris Jenner can’t control. Think The Hunger Games — minus the death. Viewers could vote to drop the famous fam in the middle of a rainforest, or perhaps a small town in Wyoming. Can you picture Kim and company’s reaction if they were — gasp! — without their makeup artists for more than 20 minutes?


The problem: I realize that the New York musical theater scene isn’t exactly stuffed to the gills with hot straight boys, but come on, Ivy and Karen need some hot boys to drool — and fight — over! And no, Jack Davenport most certainly does not count.


The solution: Turn Smash into a Glee sort of show by creating guest roles for foxy, musically inclined celebs like Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Niall Horan and any other male celeb who can carry a tune!

How would you update these shows — or are they oh-so-perf just as they are? Are there any other series that desperately need a revamp?

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  • Anonymous

    hello what about my socalled life , 90210, pretty little liars,

  • Nadia

    There was so much wrong with these shows I gave up writing a response.

  • Ariana Grande/Chord Overstreet’s biggest shipper ALIVE

    Am I the only one who thinks the Kardashion girls are ALL gorgeous? Kendall is VERY tall

  • guydude

    nice topics

  • metro


  • Talia Alamia

    Honestly the problem with glee is that it has turned into the Blaine Show and it’s getting really annoying. They had a huge texting and driving scene that they totally blew off just so they can go talk about some random brother of Blaine. Really I like Darren Crisscross but it’s getting really annoying.

  • selena gomez

    i love smash and i dont think theres a problem i am selena gomez and i dot care about boys mostly cause im with justin jealousss

    • layne

      The real selena gomez wouldnt say shes selena gomez and also wouldnt be like i dont care about boys

    • Laura

      dude quit. just quit. dont even.

  • Jasmin

    In Smash, Karen already has Dev. They are grown women and dont need to fight over a boy. I think the problem with Smash is that I wanna see Karen sing more as MARILYN!

  • Camren

    On nuber 4 u guys look the exact same! Weird i have a little brother and we look alike but, sometimes i just want to punch really hard.

  • Sam

    The solution for Teen Mom is to just get rid of the whole show.

  • Jane

    the vampire diaries
    the problem: klaroline. klaus tried to kill them, destroyed stefan’s humanity (and stelena) and yet caroline still went out with him. hes also the reason shes a vamp. If klaus hadnt been chasing katherine she never would have come to mystic falls and therefore, never killed caroline.
    the solution: klaus goes back to himself, dies and maroline can unite!