The Best One Direction Merch on Etsy!

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If you think the guys of One Direction are so cute you could just eat them up, this is your lucky day! We’ve found some of the most amazing Direction Infection-stricken fan-made merch and we think you’re going to love it all. From yummy to cuddly, Etsy has got our dose of fun stuff to help our Direction Infection…JK, that’s one infection we’ve got for life. So hop to it Directioners, get Etsy-ing!

1. One Direction Shower Curtain – This is perfect for those times when you’re belting out “What Makes You Beautiful” in the shower. Duh.   BUY HERE!

2. One Direction Poster – Self explanatory; Keep Calm and One Direction. Just a friendly reminder that they make everything better. BUY HERE!

3. One Direction Ring – Because obvi, you want any (or all) of these five Brits to put a ring on it.  BUY HERE!

4. One Direction Sneakers – For the times when you’re not kickin’ it with One Direction, One Direction is right on your kicks.  BUY HERE!

5. One Direction Custom Portrait – This adorable sketch of the guys is part of a custom order for some sneakers, but we’d love it just to hang on our walls. BUY HERE!

6. One Direction Pin – Although we <3 Bieber, this is pretty freakin’ funny…  BUY HERE!

7. One Direction Pillow -Are there any Directioners who wouldn’t LOVE to cuddle up with Harry? Well, ladies, this is about as close as you’re gonna get. BUY HERE!

8. One Direction Cake Icing- We love cake and we love 1D, so this is really the best of both worlds.  BUY HERE!

Ok, Directioners, what do you think of this Etsy merch? Which one do you want? What’s the craziest 1D stuff you’ve already got?

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87 Responses to "The Best One Direction Merch on Etsy!"

    Nadia Anaya says:

    hi Harry it’s a 1d fan and I think you and your Best Friend are so cute I Just wanna Hug you and Never let you go My Baby boy you have little ears yes you do My little boy OK I’ll Stop EMBARRASSING you hey do you still love Me Please say Yes

    hate 1D says:


      alyssa says:

      who the hell do u think u are u are a mega dick i hate u suck fucking balls go and die !!!!!!

    HATE 1D says:


    AMELIA TAH says:

    pahahahhahahah!! black face!! warra joke!! hahahahahahah! ewwww1

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