The Best One Direction Merch on Etsy!

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If you think the guys of One Direction are so cute you could just eat them up, this is your lucky day! We’ve found some of the most amazing Direction Infection-stricken fan-made merch and we think you’re going to love it all. From yummy to cuddly, Etsy has got our dose of fun stuff to help our Direction Infection…JK, that’s one infection we’ve got for life. So hop to it Directioners, get Etsy-ing!

1. One Direction Shower Curtain – This is perfect for those times when you’re belting out “What Makes You Beautiful” in the shower. Duh.   BUY HERE!

2. One Direction Poster – Self explanatory; Keep Calm and One Direction. Just a friendly reminder that they make everything better. BUY HERE!

3. One Direction Ring – Because obvi, you want any (or all) of these five Brits to put a ring on it.  BUY HERE!

4. One Direction Sneakers – For the times when you’re not kickin’ it with One Direction, One Direction is right on your kicks.  BUY HERE!

5. One Direction Custom Portrait – This adorable sketch of the guys is part of a custom order for some sneakers, but we’d love it just to hang on our walls. BUY HERE!

6. One Direction Pin – Although we <3 Bieber, this is pretty freakin’ funny…  BUY HERE!

7. One Direction Pillow -Are there any Directioners who wouldn’t LOVE to cuddle up with Harry? Well, ladies, this is about as close as you’re gonna get. BUY HERE!

8. One Direction Cake Icing– We love cake and we love 1D, so this is really the best of both worlds.  BUY HERE!

Ok, Directioners, what do you think of this Etsy merch? Which one do you want? What’s the craziest 1D stuff you’ve already got?

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  • amelia tah

    oh yeah of course he doesnt knoe i exist so wah?!! he doesnt knoe tha you exist greenface. haqhahhahahahahahahaha. wah kinda name is that?!! ewwwww!! and you are desperate goin with differtguys all the time!! yeahhhh> so stfu and get gone now. safe. much love:*

  • tasha

    lisn yeah the one who named herself ‘mrs. malik’ like ewww!! seriously my zayn baby wouldnt even look at your disgusting face!! eewwwwww!! like why would you put that you desperate gyal!! ewww!! now how about you shurrup and do1. nice 1.

  • mishish khanny

    i want to strip infont of zayn!! yeshhhh!!

    • amelia tah

      ewwwww!! why would you say that?!! you desperate girl!! ewwwwww. really that is just disgusting. get gone!! safe.

      • sana greenface

        Shut up stop being mean and calling everyone desperate you’re the desperate one, btw Zayn doesn’t even know you exist so ha ha ha ha. Mkay, bye.

  • anisa khan

    lisn yeah the one who named herself ‘mrs. malik’ ewwwwwww!! like seriously get gone!! as if my beautiful baby zayn would be married to some next desperate cow!! hahahahahhahahahahahahah!! he wouldnt even look at your disgraceful face. ew. so how about you stfu and get gone!! nice 1.

  • ameenah begum

    i think that you are all begs and none of you deserve to ever meet th gorgeous one direction i love them all equally and would mary them. buh you lot are jus rediculous. i love you one direction. now you slags can do1!!

    • sana blackface

      Hahahaahaha i have a black face :)

    • sana blackface

      Hi one direction are mine so get lost and they would pick me cause i have a blackface!! In your FACE!

  • Annahi

    Niall I love u

  • Mrs. Malik


  • Mrs.Styles

    I wanna shower in front of 1D!

  • victoria

    my dream was that i could one dierction

    • Nzpsso

      Hi Tom,I’m looking fowrrad to this one. I’m a big fan of Niall’s podcasts with Om Malik.Niall may have some insights relevant to your recent postings on blogging for employment. I recall he posted a syndicated resumc3a9 in Atom format, complete with podcast enclosures, shortly before he left Technorati.Did he have an inkling of an offer from Microsoft before he quit Technorati? If not, I find it interesting that he had enough confidence in his own brand , as represented by his blog, to feel he could make that leap into the unknown.Regards,Conn

  • victoria

    one dierction is the best boy band in the whole wide world

  • harry

    love u harry

  • heeya

    can u make a phone cover for htc desire c? pls? i cant find it any where :/

  • Nikki Ann

    Love the shoes !! To die for lol :) btw Every girl wants to meet one direction…. i know i do but just wanted to let you know dont give up because Louis’ girlfriend Eleanore was a fan of them and just look where she is :)

    • Shriya

      Its Eleanor. DirectioNATOR.

  • liam lover

    liam is right guys he loves us all ya so i dont care i have one direction infection so dont be talkin about beiber fever not happenen this is one direction territory not beiber so get lost if you are haten on one direction

  • Louis is awesome

    I love one direction I think I got one direction infection



  • halie

    i love niall he is sooo hot lol i am going to thir consert in nashvill YEAH and sooo yeah i soo happy im turning 19 lol

    • Bell Horan

      I love Niall watch ur backs girls ur parents might just find you dead he follows me on twitter. Yay me!!!!

      • misskylarhoran

        exuse me bell i would like to say niall is mine so u need to back off. I know everything about him by the way i bet u dont even know his middle name. I love all the boys tho so take that bell baby

      • Shriya Stypayemahorlikson

        Shut up both of you. If you think you are a Directioner stop arguing. The boys love all equally and Niall belongs to NONE of you. >_<
        AND Niall's middle name? EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

  • victoria richards

    i liked it a lot and i like the marrey me harry and i thing it was cool that you 1d did that

    • halie


  • liam payne

    your dream is to meet one direction why not talk to one like im talking to you right now and im from one direction we are wrighting a new song gonna her it soon

    • ri

      i want niall

    • Maria

      I hate that people think them hvinag girlfriends makes them less appealing!! If anything I like them EVEN MORE!! It’s so lovely they have people to lean on like that! Being a popstar is crazy enough and i’m happy to hear that Louis can just be a normal guy for a while

    • Annahi

      Are u actually from one direction

  • harry styles

    demie niall really has a crush on you why dont you ask him out i bet he would say yes and all my fans im the reall harry so i love you all

    • katie

      would you ever sign something for a gift personaly

      • Samo

        Great night of music.Watch out America – have we got great Bluegrass talent or what!! Well done Sandy and Neill!! Great line-up. Neil and his band were on top form and had the place sinwging. Another of my favorites the Sick and Indigent Song Club were oozing talent as usual. Watch out for this band and go and see them whenever you get the opportunity.I wont even name them as all 6 of them as individually so talented I would have to write a paragraph on each. Gary and Angie phew – having seen them many times before what you hear on this programme is only a taster.It was my first time seeing I Draw Slow and such talent with the beautiful voice of Louise Holden and sweet sweet guitar playing of Dave Holden, great five string banjo backup from Colin.Jerry O’Conner surprised us with great Blusgrass on the Tenor banjo with great backing on the guitar from Stephen? Doherty from Donegal. I did not envy his task to keep up with Gerry.Sorry how could I forget the sweet voice Paula Flynn – my first time hearing her.Such talent – what a night!! Well done Neil and Sandy and the RTE team under Aidan Butler..Please do it again sometime soon!!John Denham

    • Jordan

      I fricken love you Harry

    • Angelina

      RTE live music in the Sean O’Casey Community Centre last night 17th Oct.Great great night – Thanks Sandy Harsch and Niall Toner for a fantastic night’s enatretinment.What a line up -Miss Paula Flynn, I Draw Slow, The Sick and Indigent Song Club, Gerry ‘Banjo’ O’Connor and the Niall Toner Band.My favorite Irish band were playing The Sick and Indigent Song Club and they played and sang their hearts out. Watch out for this group and don’t miss them.Niall toner was of course in top form as usual.I had not heard “I Draw Slow” before and was well entertained by the beautiful voice of Louise Holden with sweet sweet guitar playing from Dave Holden, not to for get the 5string banjo of Colin.Gerry surprised us with bluegrass on the tenor banjo!!I should mention Sheila Sullivan for the Sick and Indigent who supported all acts with her great fiddle playing.Nearly forgot Miss Paula Flynn’s sweet voice with great guitar backing.Last word thanks RTE -top class night – felt the session could have continued through the night.

  • demie lovato

    i have the biggest crush on niall horan ever i kida have feling for him i will never date a guy enles it is him i love niall even thoe he has braces i have the biggest crush on him ever i love him i wish he could at least say i love you too too me

    • Jordan

      Niall my bff Dora loves you it’s her dream to meet you

  • braylin

    hey my drem is to meet one direction

  • Mellie D

    You forgot these pillows!!! SO COOL!

  • alexis


  • catchingdreams

    $55 for a shower curtain?! R U kidding me? It doesn’t even have their picture on it!! What a rip off!!