10 Movie Endings We Would Change if We Could

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There’s nothing worse than a sad ending to a movie. Come on, movies are supposed to end on a high note. Amirite?  Plus, how are we supposed to believe in our own fairy tales when fictional characters can’t even get theirs? So iff we could change some of these tear jerkers for the better we totally would.

WARNING: Mayj spoilers to follow!

A Walk To Remember
If we had any say in the matter, Jamie def wouldn’t die. All we want if for her and Landon to live together forever — is that too much to ask?

Warner Bros.

The Vow
Ideally we would have loved for Paige’s memory to miraculously come back, but we would have settled for her falling back in love with Leo, too.

Screen Gems

Marley and Me
We think they should just rewrite the movie so that Marley never has any health issues. Otherwise? Too sad to handle.

Twentieth Century Fox

We obvs would have Rose and Jack survive the shipwreck at the end. Just think how many trees would be saved if all those tissues weren’t needed.

Twentieth Century Fox

Dear John
 John would end up with Savannah. Duh!

Screen Gems

Remember Me
We wish Tyler would have accidentally slept in and missed the meeting with his father. Then, ya know, he’d still be alive and living happily ever after with Ally.

Summit Entertainment

The Last Song
Ronnie’s dad would have gotten treatment and beaten the odds. We’d prefer an uplifting ending, please!

Touchstone Pictures

The Notebook
Ya know that scene towards the end where old Allie cries for help because she doesn’t know why old Noah is in her room? Yeah, we’d just ax that whole sitch and have her remember their good ol’ days.

New Line Cinema

(500) Days of Summer
We just hate movies that end with the guy not getting the girl. If we had it our way, Summer and Tom would be the ones that got married. Not Summer and..whoever.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Toy Story 3
How freakin’ sad was it when Andy left his toys for the last time!? We guess giving them to Bonnie was the best thing to do but if we had our way, Andy would have never grown out of playing with them. A bit unrealistic, but whatevs. Woody is his BFF and we all know it.


So what do you think? Would you change these endings and make them happier, too? And what other movie’s finales would you switch up if you could?

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  • Champ

    If i was the director ,i would change Atonement’s ending,Too sad for me TT

  • Eric

    Edward Scissorhands needs to be on this list.

  • MiRus

    Why movie Keith isn’t here???? It’s the most beautiful and sad movie i’ve ever seen!!!

  • loren

    change the vow , dear john , the note book , 500 days of summer and the last song but they were all still gud movies

  • ella

    steel magnolias… it’s really old but so freakin sad!! why’d shelby have to die?! and the Hunger Games.. i sure as heck didn’t want rue to die!! i loved her:(

  • catniss

    This is wishful thinking but in the end of the hunger games cato shouldn’t have died and should have survived instead due to that nightlock hoax………

  • nicci

    edward isthe best jacob comes in close second but i say go emmet

  • CatLuver

    The Hunger Games. Peeta has gets a prosthetic leg

    • Isabelita

      The forum is a brhtgier place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  • inaki9

    change the new moon! let Edward DIE

  • maegurl

    i like most of these movies

  • Camille

    I actually like the endings of those movies :) Tragic but very realistic

  • Ceejay!!

    OMG! I So Agree With This!! Why Couldnt They Actually Go That Way?? Ihts Just So Unfair!!

  • – A

    I agree with all of these. I would also change the ending of Flyboys (also for the real life WWI fighter pilots it was based on) so that Blaine would have found Lucienne in Paris and they could’ve gotten together. <3 And so Cassidy wouldn't have died. WHY?! :'( I love these movies to death but I hate it when it's all depressing…

    Oh yeah!! Can't we fix Romeo and Juliet, too?

  • Kara

    doesn’t John end up with Savannah in a way in Dear John? It ends with them hugging doesn’t it?

    • Camille

      That’s the case in the movie but in the book no hugging at the end occurred cause Tim didn’t die

  • Sam

    Toy Story 3, The Last Song, Remember Me, Marley and Me, and The Vow were pretty sad to me.

  • Simone

    You know. Dying is a part of life.
    And some movies just tries to show you the ugly truth in an “entertaining way”
    And by the way, about “Remember me” you’re kinda saying that you didn’t care if his father died.

    • Jenn

      The dad doesn’t die because he never showed up to the meeting because he got held up