Ariana Grande Gets a Tattooed Heart, Literally! (Video)

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Just in case >Ariana Grande ever forgets about the major year she’s having (a KCA award and her first big album coming out), she now has a permanent reminder on her toe. The Victorious starlet got a tiny heart tattoed on her second toe over the weekend with her pal, Sky Blue of LMFAO, holding her hand the whole way through. The tattoo goes right along with her new song, appropriately titled, “Tattooed Heart.”

Ariana tweeted to her fans before posting the full video of the tattoo sesh, saying, “I wanted to do something permanent to remind me to always be grateful & not take anything for granted so.. I got a little tattoo :)…Lol! It’s on my 2nd toe and it’s a little heart. Also, 1 of my favorite songs I’ve written on my album is called “Tattooed Heart”.. :)…It’s very small but it means a lot to me!”

Later that night, Ariana posted her video and even gave a snippet of her song, “Tattooed Heart” in the vid! Check out the full video right here!

Ariana added that LMFAO was in the studio recording with her while she was getting the tattoo! Although their song together isn’t “Tattooed Heart”, Ariana said everybody will know very soon all about the track. Could you spot the Party Rocker in the vid?!

What do ya think of Ariana’s new ink? Think it’s cute or are you not a fan?

Watch Ariana Grande’s Music Video For “Put Your Hearts Up”!

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  • Katie

    She’s adorable:x
    TEAM ARIANA hehe.

  • Vogue

    She s so pretty an her tattoo is hot haha

  • xiey

    I think its vry cute. She’s so sweet.

  • Aysha

    0-0 Your Kidding Me

    • Lilly

      Umm? is there a problem? yea she got a tattoo okk? why do you care? why are u hating on her cause you wish you were her? HUH!? HUH!? soo sdfu!