Hotties of the Week: Dudes With Dogs

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At, we love puppies. And we majorly heart hot guys. So put them together and what do you get? Only the most clickable post in history, that’s what! Aka Hotties of the Week: Dudes With Dogs edition. From some of the JoBros to a guy in 1D, this might be your favorite thing you’ve ever read on the internet. But this begs the question — who’s cuter, these celebs or their pups?!

Joe Jonas & Winston
Joe and Winston are the best of buds. Joe told us he even takes his bulldog to the studio with him! And he’s so ugly he’s cute. The dog, we mean. Not Joe. Obvs.


Nick Jonas and Elvis
Forget the “Which Jonas Brother is hotter?” debate. We need to take a sec to figure out “Which Jonas Brother’s dog is cuter?” So who’s it gonna be, guys? Winston or this little guy, Elvis?


Josh Hutcherson & Driver
Josh is the newest dude to join the puppy club — he just adopted his rescue pup last week! — but let’s be real here — Josh was just as sexy before he got his canine friend. Are we right or are we right?

Splash News

Ryan Gosling & George
Ok, we cheated. Ryan Gosling does have a dog named George but that’s not him in the pic — that’s his on-screen pooch in his upcoming movie with Emma Stone. But this pic was too cute not to include. Don’t you wish you were the one staring deep into RyGos’ baby blues?


Roshon Fegan
We don’t know the name of Roshon’s little dude, but turns out he’s got 3 of ’em. 3 pups! And we wouldn’t mind a cuddle sesh with him and any one of ’em.
Roshon Fegan's Tumblr


Kellan Lutz & Kola
Kellan’s dog is just as fit as his owner — he takes Kola on like, a million runs a day. Personally we’re not into the whole working out thing, but if it meant hanging with those two? We’d buy sneaks in a second.


Zayn Malik & Boris
No no, please stop looking at Zayn’s muscles. The point of this pic was to show you his super adorbs pup, Boris! But ok. You can go back to looking at the muscles again now. We know it’s hard to look away.


Trevor Donovan & Tito
Trevor hanging out with that adorable little mut is hot enough. But then when he’s not wearing a shirt!? Excuse us while we melt.


James Maslow & Fox
OMG! The rusher and his doggy both have the same most-beautiful-eyes ever! Twinsies!


Mark Salling & Noah
The Puckster takes his pooch to do really manly things with him, like fishing, biking and running. Think his Glee bros are jeal of their bond? We sure are.


Zac Efron & Puppy
Yes, Zac tweeted that his puppy is actually named Puppy. But what he lacks in originality for pet names he makes up for in good looks, so that’s cool.


So, who’s the hottest guy? Cutest pup? Make sure to vote and tell us who you picked in the comments!

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  • JamesMaslow4ever(:#1FAN

    I voted 4 James :) Of course. James if you’re reading this, I have posters of you in my rom & next yr I’ll see you in Atlanta or Birmingham!!!!!!! 😀 I never missed a show of BTR. I ♥ you & your song Windows Down & Oh Yeah 😉 Pls say hello 2 Fox 4 me!!!! Thank you SO much. God Bless You and many hope, dreams & happiness to come in your way. xoxo

  • Liz

    It’s obvious, James & Fox are the cutest most adorable.

  • xoBTRworldwide-brendok

    oh my god JAMES !!!! hes just the most hot and fox is the beatifulles dog that i ever seen in my life !!!!! BTR TO DIE !!! GO RUSHER !!!!! <3<3<3

  • NoraaRushherMasloww


  • Mommarusher

    Does ANYONE know how long this contest is going to go on?

  • Tina

    Deff Josh and Driver b/c he’s a RESCUE!!! The dog… not the actor.