10 Celebs Who Heart Fast Food

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Hey, something else we all have in common with celebs — mad love for takeout! It’s pretty sweet knowing that these famous peeps are lovin’ it, too. We wouldn’t have guessed most of these, either! So we’re blowing up celebs’ favorite food spots, starting with…

10. Kim Kardashian @ California Pizza Kitchen
It makes sense that Kimmy would dash to CPK — we’ve heard the pizza tastes best when eaten (where else) in Cali itself!


9. Jennifer Lawrence @ Whole Foods Coffee
When Katniss needs some pickup on the go, she looks no further than Whole Foods Coffee to ease her caffeine cravings! Hm, suddenly we’re totally in the mood for something sweetened with agave syrup…


8. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez @ Subway
These two lovebirds snagged a quick break (and a quick lunch!) via Subway on a warm spring afternoon. Think they went for a combo deal?

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7. Miley Cyrus @ Carl’s Jr.
We love that Miley’s being so healthy that she is going to smell the heck out of her fast food – without even eating any!


6. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden @ Johnny Rockets
We’re pretty sure this meal will make the cut, right, Nicole?


5. Emma Roberts @ Pinches Tacos
Aye si you getting those tacos, Emma! Hope they put the salsa in your day’s merengue!

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4.    The Jersey Shore girls @ Muscle Maker Grill
Okay, so it’s the healthiest fast food ever, but Deena, Snooki, Sammi, and J-Woww always look Jersey strong, so we may just yet follow their lead!

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3. Ashley Tisdale @ Papa John’s
Save us a slice, Ash! We love that the Tiz is grabbing pies for her pals. So generous of her.

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 2. Chace Crawford at The Counter
Custom make yourself that burger, Chace — we heard that this afternoon’s scenes on the Gossip Girl set will be exhausting!

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 1.    Jessie J @ In-N-Out
You know what’s cooler than going through the drivethrough window at In-N-Out? Having a professional driver drive you through like Jessie J, of course!

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Now that we’re desperately craving some french fries, we’re curious: Which fast food joint hits your spot? Are you surprised to learn that celebs love fast food?

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  • Desiree

    I really liked MJ and I wasn’t like a hcrsetiyal wreck when he died but it was sad. The only time I cried (only time I’ve ever cried over something on TV/movie/book whatever) was during his memorial service. His daughter got up there and started talking about how amazing of a father he was. And she just started crying. It was really sad.

  • haha

    umm since when is subway fast food its realyy wayyyy healthier then muscle maker grill

  • Cally

    How bout 1D and Nandos? :)

  • Directioner


  • Brittany

    umm is Pinches Tacos a real fast food place ??? O.o

  • anna

    why would i be surprised that celebrities eat fast food??…that’s really not that shocking…celebrities are people too…who happen to get hungry on the go from time to time lol

  • Christina

    What about Niall and Nando’s?

  • Tim

    Are you sure that Miley is eating from that bag or just throwing up?

  • Em

    Those of us on the East Coast have never been to most of these restaurants…

  • T’Kope S.S.

    I love how half of these aren’t even “fast food”.

  • Nicole

    Of course Miley’s smelling the bag! It does double as an air freshener, after all!

  • AeroEllie

    Of course celebs eat fast food.
    But most of those were some of the healthier options – things I don’t really even consider fast food.
    My favorite ‘okay I don’t care right now I’m eating it’? If I’m craving fried stuff – McDonald’s. If I’m not craving fried stuff – Taco Bell.

  • Jenny T.

    I almost couldn’t even see Jessie J

  • becky

    Pretty sure Mileys eating Carl’s Jr.?

  • Dancer

    i wonder if celebs like smash burger…haha

  • wind

    go Ashley Tisdale! papa John’s rules!!

  • Alice W.

    If Miley is on the west coast (which she probably is), then that’s Carl’s Jr. (not Hardees)

    • Kart

      She lives in Nashville.

    • nutellaa-love.tumblr.com

      yeah i thought it was carls jr too

    • HI

      Yeah that’s definitely Carl’s Jr 😀