Quiz: Which Band Should Perform at Your Prom?

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Prom is finally just a few weeks away! You’ve already got a date, you’ve been eyeing that one dress for months, and you and your BFFS already rented a limo… so you’re pretty much set! But what about the music?! You need a band that’ll set the right kind of mood for the evening, and picking the perfect one isn’t easy! So take the quiz and find out which band you should book for Prom!


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25 Responses to "Quiz: Which Band Should Perform at Your Prom?"

  1. Teen.com
    Jasmine says:


  2. Teen.com
    kacie says:

    totally maroon 5 duuhhh!!!!!!

  3. Teen.com
    Directioner Eliana says:

    I had One Direction <3

  4. Teen.com
    Maya says:

    The truth is that I don’t have a favorite band, but I do like a lot of different types of bands, I just can’t pick because most of them have at least one song I don’t like.

  5. Teen.com
    1dluvr says:

    awesome i got 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyy

  6. Teen.com
    demi lova says:

    1D all da way!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yah hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Teen.com
    sarah says:

    One direction! Liam payne in my school?! Omg!!!!!!

  8. Teen.com
    Nathan Lover says:

    The Wanted all The Way!!! <3 <3 NATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Teen.com
    victoria says:

    THE WANTED DUH!! if i was still in public skool

  10. Teen.com
    Karl Villanueva says:

    Of Course , One Direction .. !

  11. Teen.com
    Thulasi says:

    THE WANTED!!! FTW!!!! <3

  12. Teen.com
    Remy says:

    Maroon 5 (:

  13. Teen.com
    AzUrEE Styles says:

    F**k Yeah!! Mine was One Direction..WoOHOO!! :)

  14. Teen.com
    po cakes love cream ipe says:

    one direction all da way

  15. Teen.com
    Nazifa says:

    i got one direction ayayayayayayay DIRECTIONERS!

  16. Teen.com
    marvel says:

    One direction aaaaaaaaa I love them can’t stop about them I never sow them or talked to them but I love the so much that I can’t go to sleep come to egypt

  17. Teen.com
    sky says:

    Big Time Rush BTR! DUH!

  18. Teen.com
    silver says:

    the only BAND there is maroon 5, the rest of them are GROUPS………get it right

  19. Teen.com
    hayley says:

    i got one direction. :D

  20. Teen.com
    hello you says:

    One Direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  21. Teen.com
    Rhino says:

    how abut One direction ? O,o

  22. Teen.com
    hiwot brook says:

    one direction(: <3

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