Quiz: Which 1D Style Should Your Guy Try?

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Ya gotta admit, even if you’re not into One Direction’s music (which is crazy talk!), they still have a great sense of fashion. The blazers, the colored pants, the cardigans… It’s swoon city! Wanna know which One Direction style your guy — boyf, crush, whatever — should try? Quiz it to find out!


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  • Onedirectionlover

    When I got to the wanted question



  • sierrra


  • ama

    omg!!!!!!!! (girly squeal) I GOT ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!! yay!! soo happy (another girly squeal) ok i’m done. YAY I GOT ZAYN!!!!! now i’m done.

  • maheen malik

    of course zayn malik

  • wiam

    ZàŸn JàwàD MàL!K

  • Hannah Finlayson

    you Guys are great singers.

  • Hannah Finlayson

    Niall is adorable
    Harry is Funny

  • Mee^_^o.l.

    I got Liam!! <3<3<3 Luuuuuv this test!!

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyooyoyoyoy

    OMG, Liam Payne you are amazing I so so so so so wish, that if only dreams came true…..
    On every single quiz I have done I have gotten Liam, the hottest person alive and it must be a sign, well in other words, I wish it was a sign!!!! One Direction keep it up you have grabbed the attention of every girl in the whole world. Do you guys ever think that you guys are the most popular band in the whole entire world!!!!!! How amazing would that feel!!! Don’t worry Niall I also think you are just as amazing and it made me so sad when I read that you went to hug a fan and the fan said that she wants to hug Loui so she went to hug Loui and Loui said that he wants to hug Niall. Loui that was so so so sweet of you!!!!!

  • Lina

    Niall ♥

  • Dianne

    Me got Niall… :)

  • LULU 85 ROX


    • Rafaela

      ragazze,io son un directioner e detove capire che non tutti siamo perfetti forse e vero e forse no ma voi non potete dire che lui non tradirebbe mai perrie,e poi comunque la cameriera e proprio na figlia di papa,cosa ci fa una cameriera a casa di zayn?e non ci credo che lei non sapeva che zayn fosse fidanzato vive a londra,comunque il punto e8 che e8 la vita privata di zayn e lui puo fare quello che vuole e se la tizia sperava di farsi piu famosa si sbagliava e che non potete dire che non e8 da zayn,le persone ci posso soprendere,comunque neanche io credo molto alla cameriera perche poi zayn si dovrebbe scopare una cameriera?comunque anche io credo che lo faccia solo per fama,ma 1/10 mi dice che forse la cameriera ha ragione perche come mai lei ha le foto di zayn che dorme?

  • kaykay

    i got liam :)

  • kimshanne

    zayn,he’s cute

  • Ssuper me

    yaay i got zayn <3

  • Kaitlyn

    louis all the way

  • britney

    got to be zayn

  • Joyce

    harry, love his blazers!

  • hayley

    I got zane

    • = I

      its zayn , not zane

  • nialler

    i got niall

  • jocelyn

    i would want my man to be wearing Niall,zayn or harry

  • maandaeva

    harry,he’s cute

  • sara primak

    i LOVE everything about you guys, dont change at all