5 Celeb-Inspired Date Ideas for Summer

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Summer is almost here, and we know what that means — it’s time to have some sizzling hot dates in the sunny weather! With these celeb-inspired dates, everything is bound to run smoothly. Oh, except for one thing — invest in some anti-humidity hairspray, ladies.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth love going on romantic bike rides in the nice weather. (Well, as romantic as it gets with the paparazzi in their faces!) Grab your date and bike to a nature trail for a breathe of fresh air. Even better if you’re riding double!


We might not be cool enough to have gone to Coachella like the adorable Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet, but most cities hold outdoor music festivals throughout the summer that would be the perf place to cuddle up in the grass for some good tunes.


Lucy Hale and her boyf Chris Zylka were recently seen getting cozy while lounging around between takes for her Bongo Jeans photo shoot on Miami Beach. (Must be nice bein’ famous!) When the water gets warm, go stick your toes in the sand with your date for a day under the sun. Want to really up your game? Play some beach volleyball!


We all know that the relationships on Jersey Shore have been on a rollercoaster since day one, but Snooki, Deena, and Pauly D did hit up some actual rides on the Boardwalk. Take your crush to an amusement park for a date that’s bound to be exciting. Plus, acting scared on a ride is a great way to get him to put his arm around you! (Shh, we won’t tell.)


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently cuddled up outside for a picnic with none other than Subway sandwiches. If anyone can show how easy it is to make any situation romantic, it’s these two. No chocolate-covered strawberries needed here!

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What dates are you dying to go on when the weather gets warm? Which of these dudes would you most wanna date?

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    Idk, I’d like to go on all these type of date. And I would choose Justin Bieber of course. Haha

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    i think the best lookin couple is Lucy Hale and Chris Zylka….. :)