5 Hottest Mexican Celebs

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It’s May 5! Which means it’s time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We’re going to eat some yummy Mexican food, and oh yeah, look at some pics of these hot senors. Did you know all these guys had Mexican heritage?!

Tyler Posey
We love nothing more than watching Tyler on Teen Wolf as Scott McCall — can you believe his abs are real?! And we think he’s totally adorable when he’s trying to win Allison over. Plus, he’s super proud of his Mexican blood and that is darn cute.


Michael Trevino
Jenna Ushkowitz‘s boyf sizzles as Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries, whether he’s getting his werewolf on or fighting to separate himself from Original vampire Klaus. And his mom is from Zacatecas, Mexico, so there’s that.


Kid Cudi
We bet you had no idea that this rapper is bi-racial — his mom is African American and his dad is Mexican!


Diego Boneta
This hottie was born in Mexico City, where he was a super popular singer, and then he came to the US and became even more hot famous after being on PLL and 90210. But just you wait until this summer — Diego stars in the movie musical Rock of Ages!


Alex Meraz
Who didn’t drool over Alex as werewolf Paul in the Twilight series, riiight? Alex is Native American, but the tribe his family is from is centered in the Mexican state Michoacan. Not sure what that means, but it makes him hot so whatever.


Which of these guys do you think is the hottest? Are you surprised any of these guys have Mexican descent?

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14 Responses to "5 Hottest Mexican Celebs"

  1. Teen.com
    lea says:

    hottest maxican actors for me are :
    1. diego luna….- he is so damn hot…in dirty dancing 2, havana nights, i can this movie evryday
    2. gael garcia bernal…he is just hot…has something that attracts…
    i don’t really like this list you’ve made :D

  2. Teen.com
    Pangeran says:

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  3. Teen.com
    melissa fierroz says:

    same here they r all ugly

  4. Teen.com
    redbone says:

    Diego Boneta has some verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry gorgeous eyes !!!

    • Teen.com
      Oleg says:

      I know I should have paid more atnettion to my mom and grandma when they made these. Now, here I am, a Southern Californian Mexican-American, learning how to make Mexican food from a Briton!! ) But that\’s great; I am glad you like to teach and you do this very well. Thank you so much for sharing this lesson online!

  5. Teen.com
    BELLA says:

    MICHEAL TREVINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Teen.com
      Fher says:

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  6. [...] site teen listou os 5 atores que tem descendência mexicana que fazem sucesso em Hollywood. O lobo Alex [...]

    • Teen.com
      Tracey says:

      how cute!! ARRRIIIBBAAA!!! (roll the r):)Is it a girl? or do you know yet? or are you finding out?? I know so many prngnaet ladies right now it’s hard to keep you all straight! (my sister is prngnaet, too)

  7. Teen.com
    almu says:


  8. Teen.com
    Rebecca says:

    I don’t really find any of these guys that attractive. But do you know what guy from Mexican descent that I do find attractive? Vic from Pierce the Veil. Well, they’re all Mexican but I think Vic’s the cutest :3

    • Teen.com
      margarita G. says:

      yeah i agree

    • Teen.com
      Manen says:

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