Nice to Meet You: One Direction Fan (And Our New Obsession), Rita Ora!

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What do you get when you cross Rihanna with a little bit of Jessie J? Rita Ora! Her new song, “How We Do (Party)” is so addictive, there was no question that we were going to feature Rita as this week’s Nice to Meet You. But in addition to introducing you to her new song and vid (which you can purchase on iTunes!), we’ve got an exclusive Q&A with Rita where she’s dishing on everything from her dream collab to her secret crush on a One Direction dude. Us too, Rita. Us too.

Describe your new single, “How We Do (Party),” in three words.
Rita Ora: Fun, energetic, cool.

What were you like as a kid?
R: I was Cinderella in my school play at 11! I just wanted to have fun. I wasn’t too academic so my parents sent me to stage school as my choir teacher said I was a good singer.

That’s amazing! What would you do if you weren’t making music?
R: I wanted to be a veterinarian or a fashion designer.

Which artist would you like to cover one of your songs?
R: J Cole, Gwen Stefani or Diplo.

Which artist would you like to collab with?
R: One of my idols like Beyonce would be amazing!

Sony Music

We’d love to see that! What’s your go to karaoke song?
R: Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” The Titanic song. Haha.

Favorite movie and why?
R: Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio because I’m a romantic!

You clearly love Leo! Do you have a celebrity crush?
R: I have loads!!! Secret ones? I don’t want to ruin my chances, but Harry from One Direction!

Ha. Amazing choice! Do you have any pets? And if so, do they travel with you?
R:I have 2 goldfish that I got as a present to teach me responsibility but they stay at home and my brother feeds them!

Cute! Are you on Twitter? We wanna follow you!
R: Yes! All the time! @ritaora

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  • Ayano

    Hej Rita!Det gick ju utme4rkt det he4r. Det var kul att le4sa din text och se5ledes ditt allra ff6rsta blogginle4gg. Glf6m bara inte att krsysa i ditt namn i kategorier (listan till hf6ger) ne4r du skriver inle4gg. Annars hamnar ditt inle4gg under Bild . He4r kommer lite stavningstips: Te4nk pe5 att inte se4rskriva (bild lektion = bildlektion). Ff6rsf6k ockse5 att skriva kortare meningar och ta bort mellanslag ff6re/efter kommatecken. Bortsett fre5n det som jag nu re4ttat, e4r det bra jobbat! Fortse4tt se5!

  • ela

    amazing rita ora because she is albanian ..yeah ♥

  • Mlo

    Her style isn’t Rihanna ,Rihannas style is Rita. She always been this way…Riri bit her style when she got signed,so she the one who need to be showin herself

  • Scooby doo

    Sweet songs you got! When the album dropping?

  • missbhee

    shez pretty but her style is more rihanna i want the real her,

  • felice la vita è pazza fortunato

    rita è bella. hai una voce e una faccia come angelo. e lei è tosta. quando stai eseguendo in Italia? venire a Verona  / Capri… vi aspettiamo per voi. 

  • jodi

    Rita ora is immense
    Shes pretty Can sing and luvs one d
    I luv her song r.i.p

  • C

    atë që një grua e bukur. dhe një personalitet i tmerrshëm! bëni Rita tuaj gjë … ju duket bukur duke e bërë atë! kujtojmë gjithmonë Hater qij dhe çfarë ata thonë … duan dhe respektojnë të bukur! :)

    • ritaorafan

      ca ke shkrujt mi???

  • ritaorafan

    so proud of her!!! shes the only singer from albania or kosovo who got famous in america and u.k !!! 😀 ♥ u RITA

  • Tammy

    she alright,but she’s NO rhianna

    • Nwabisa

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  • vanquisha

    she’ss sooooooooooooooooo pretty

  • Ali

    wow, she is like MY CLONE (only we dont look alike)
    1. i love harry styles from one direction
    2. “My heart will go on” is my fav song, titanic being my fav movie
    3. Romeo and Juliet is the best love story ever, and leonardo decaprio is my fav actor

    nuff said

  • kylia

    dis chick a trip but i luv her she can singggg she rocks she jeesi j and rhiana mixed with ri voice and jessies look lol she rocks and party and bullshit lol
    (::::::::::::::: . :::::)

  • germanfan

    she gonna be big, love her style and personality, jay and beyonce knows what they do