What Chloe Moretz Will Look Like in 60 Years

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With two movies hitting theaters this week — Hick and Dark Shadows – Chloe Moretz is well on her way to being crowned Hollywood’s next ‘It’ girl. So we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what she’ll look like all old and “age”-ified. Join us!

Chloe at 15 years old
At such a young age, this star is already becoming a household name (and total fashionista).
Will she continue this trend as she ages?

Teen Vogue

See how Chloe’s gonna look!

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10 Responses to "What Chloe Moretz Will Look Like in 60 Years"

  1. Teen.com
    Brandon says:

    Chloe Moretz is the most stupid, over sexually exploited 15 year old I have ever seen. She is f*cking 15 not 25 she needs to stop whoring around on the red carpet and stop doing slutty photo shoots and getting skanky roles in movies. I pray she does not become hollywoods next “it” girl because she doesn’t deserve it, people only like her because of her looks. She doesnt deserve getting the lead role in Carrie or in anything she has been in about 4 movies in last couple years which shows Hollywood is being run by a bunch of sickos and pedos who are clearly sexually drawn to this girl. This world is coming to an end I swear, cants here needs to be more intelligence and sane people but these days it’s not like that at all. I don’t want to see this girl in anymore movies, or hear about her or I will explode, but I know that in the next couple months photos of her naked will be leaked all over the web, she’ll take a nude photoshoot, end up on the cover of playboy, make a sex tape with some old guy, go to rehab, cut her hair off, get pregnant, become addiciting to drugs a d eventually end up ruining her career which is what I hope :) stupid, fugly whore burn Chloe Moretz burn

    • Teen.com
      maddy says:

      ok so what happens if your wrong you don’t know anything about her so shut up and stick a sock in your mouth its none of your business too judge someone you don’t know .

    • Teen.com
      Cam says:

      Well “Brandon”, all of your predictions fell flat to go along with the rest of your inane drivel. She’s still successful and a good kid, and I’m sure you’re still a douchebag.

    • Teen.com
      Colton Heatherly says:

      Fuck you ass hole! Chloe is a sweet girl and is not bye any means slutty. Maybe you should learn the meaning of that word before you use it and she is incredibly smart and talented and has a good future ahead of her self but I can’t say the same for someone like you.

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  3. Teen.com
    Leilane says:

    This was completly stupid! Bad choices and such a stupid prank! My Girl Chloe Grace Moretz will be the one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, trust me!

    • Teen.com
      fred says:

      She’ll be in rehab by the end of the year, trust me!

      • Teen.com
        caroline says:

        hahahaha lol fred !! totally agree

      • Teen.com
        Oh Darling says:

        @fred What a terrible thing to say. Chloe has class which is something our generation is sincerely lacking.

      • Teen.com
        Arjay says:

        @fred: You are a fan of justin bieber. . .We can’t trust you :D You’re a gay bro :) And @brandon: You’re just mad at her cuz’ ur a gay. . .don’t you ever say like that again to her she’s better than u xD you are just a low grade faggot -_-”. . .

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