Watch the Pretty Little Liars, Season 3 Trailer!

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Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars is only weeks away, but we know you’re dying to see what’s to come rightthissecond. There’s just so much to figure out! (Like, what’s going on with Maya’s “death” and who is on the “A” Team?!)

We already showed you the pictures, and now comes the epic first trailer. So we’re gonna give you the 66-second video, then we’ll reveal the 8 key moments that have us begging for more.

Think you can handle it?

1. Spoby kissing!

2. The “I bet you remember me.” text message to Emily.

3. Officer Garrett in jail exclaiming, “There’s a lot you don’t know…”

4. The dug-up grave.

5. Ezria!

6. Haleb!

7. Aria screaming for help in the bathroom.

8. Hanna yelling at Mona during their first encounter since the big reveal.

Game on! Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, June 5 at 8 pm EST on ABC Family. Are you counting the days? Who do you think’s on the “A” Team?

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  • Ali

    OMG!!!!!! soooooo excited! I seriously can’t wait, but what the heck is w/ the “only available in US” thing. What ’bout Canada?! But I just watched it on youtube and and analyzed every second of it.

  • H.N

    God i cant wait

  • emilyles

    if u want to watch this trailer go on utube or

  • gorge

    this show sucks ass

    • liz

      just like you.

    • emilyles

      if u dont like it why u watching it lol ppl like u r losers who say one thing and mean the opposite

  • Grace

    I can’t wait until June 5. Spoby!!

  • Nabilah

    I WANT WRENCER !!!!!

    • Courtney

      To bad! boo-hoo for u! SPOBY all the way!

      • Thessa

        Of course they can sue you, but if you were melrey stating facts or your opinion then they will lose. If they bring a blatantly frivolous case against you, then you might be able to counterclaim for malicious prosecution (or your state’s equivalent tort; in some states malicious prosecution applies to civil claims and criminal charges, in others only criminal charges).

  • Belieber


    … no.

  • Michelle

    Best freaking show ever.

  • Elina Milan

    Come on!!!! I want to watch it right now !!!!

  • dominicanchick32

    OMG i can’t wait to see what is going to happen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    ”Only available in the United States”
    Kill. Me. Now.

    • Disha

      i know !!!!!!!
      even kill me !!!!!!!

  • Angelica

    This is making me soooo excited…I can’t even breath!!!!! 😀

    • Spoby

      Me either and only in the US come on PLL fans r all over the WORLD!!!!

      -Italy And many other places!!!!!!! Only 16 days left!!!!!!!!! God give me strength.