10 Celebs Who Go Sockless

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Yeah, this seems like a totally rando national holiday, but earlier this week it was No Socks Day. Woot, woot! We’ll take what we can get when it comes to holiday cheer ’cause we sooo love a good excuse to celebrate. Fingers crossed that wherever you are, it’s warm enough for you to go sockless. These celebs did!

Taylor Swift
Who would have thunk it? T. Swift breaks the rules and breaks out her oxford shoes without wearing her proper schoolgirl socks. Scandal!


Taylor Lautner
Barefoot in the rain? Sheesh, is he trying to give us a heart attack. It’s okay. We love Taylor (and his Twilight doppelganger, Jacob Black) anyway.


Vanessa Hudgens
Last year at Coachella, Ms. Hudgens was every bit the hippie girl with her cut-off shorts and crochet top, including no socks and no shoes.


Austin Butler
With his TOMS shoes, Austin picks up where Vanessa left off in 2011. At this year’s Coachella, he took the sock-free route. Hopefully it’s a little breezier that way.


Jessie J
This look is wild. Her leggings and shoes and jacket and shirt–all shiny, glossy, and eye-catching. Socks might have just been too much!


Miley Cyrus
On stage during her concert tour, Miley didn’t pair her glam dress with a pair of equally sparkly heels. Instead, this girl went shoeless. Must be more comfortable than stilettos, we guess.


Whitney Port
Whit is notorious for wearing her oxfords without socks, and she always looks tres stylish. You don’t want that extra bulk! She’s got chill L.A. style down pat.


Penn Badgley
He might play Lonely Boy on Gossip Girl, but Penn has got some real swag IRL. Just look at those schmexy feet eyes.


Rachel Bilson
Rachel looks a little stressed, and maybe it’s because she’s barefoot while walking her dog and juggling many, many items on a wet street. Ew.


Demi Lovato
It’s wishful thinking on our part that Demi’s not 100 percent sockless, because for her sake we hope she has something between her feet and her shoes since she’s at the airport. Nobody wants to walk through security with their feet touching the grimy floor. Yucks. Maybe she has back-up socks in her carry-on.


Do you ever wear your shoes without socks? Which celeb rocked the look best?

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  • martin taylor

    I wear no socks with all my shoes I hate socks full stop

  • FatHead

    They were sexy. why not show Selena Gomez’s feet

  • victoria

    Who freaking cares i dont thats for darn sure

  • Mani@tipsonhairremoval.com

    I think they are looking nice that ways. It’s a matter of personal choice.

  • Nonya

    Louis Tomlinson never wears socks because he dislikes them. Same story with me but they make my feet reak!!

    • Lily S.

      yeah don’t forget about Louis!!!

  • Selena

    i wear no socks with shoes and my feet smell terrible

    • camrin

      Selena please put a pick of your boobs on hear

  • Olivia

    This was dumb, half these shoes were meant to wear without socks.

    • victoria

      right on

    • vana

      yeah right ..