Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Justin Bieber, Tyler Posey, and More!

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Summer is finally in our sights, but there are still plenty of projects and tests to get through before then. Ugh! That’s why we’re back with more great photos to post on your wall that are sure to cheer you up. We’ve got Justin Bieber trying to make an escape, Tyler Posey hiding his hotness, and a Career threatening to pull us over to the dark side (don’t worry, we’re still on Team Katniss). Check out our photos, and don’t forget to share them with your BFFs!









So, what do you think of our pics? Can you make a funnier one? Tweet it @teen or post a link in the comments!

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GIFts For You: Funny GIFs To Get You To The Weekend
  • 1dluvr

    i luv the One Direction pic :)

  • gloria

    aww so funny

  • Adriana

    those are soooooooooooooooooo funny!

  • latashıa

    here is the very very lollll

  • ella

    I didnt put that jonas brother one on facebook.. iits my screensaver!!! hahahaha

  • Adrianna

    No In fact One Direction belong on the stairs making amazing video diaries again xxx

  • Jellybean

    Hahaha not funny

    • Desi

      Neither is the name “Jellybean”

      • Dacey Lynn Loxx

        haha agreed

  • Belladonna

    In the 1D one, shouldn’t Harry pull his pants a little higher…? Just saying…

    • OneDirection fan!


    • Rosemeri

      At last, smooene who comes to the heart of it all