5 Looks Only Celeb Dudes Can Pull Off

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Unflattering fashion trends aren’t only for girls. There are plenty of supposedly studly menswear items that dudes try — and fail — to pull off. Here are a few that would look incredibly lame and dreadful on an average boy, but for some reason, these famous guys manage to make it work!

Zac Efron became practically unrecognizable after tossing his razor. Usually, I hate facial hair with the fire of a thousand suns, but on Z… I kind of like it. He’s got such a baby face that this makes him look rugged and manly, like some rough hewn conquistador! Rawwwr! And yet, non-Efron boys will look like a sex offender on the loose or perhaps a shady hitchhiker. Girls, always make sure you have an emergency Gillette on hand in case your BF gets inspired by Z’s look. Shudder.


Sleeveless Tees
My generation will forever associate man tanks with Hulk Hogan and hillbillies. But you guys have the luck to see a hunk like Mark Salling sans sleeves. Yeah, it’s still a mostly cheesy, ghetto look, but hey, anything that will get me more of a peek at Mark’s kick-butt body is A-OK with me!


Tied Hoodies
Is this a thing now? Yes, if you ask One Direction hottie Louis Tomlinson. But have your guy try this IRL and it’ll be about 30 seconds before someone pulls the string and says “Dude, cut that ish out, bro. You look like a dork.”


All White
Pale shades are the look this summer… for girls. But guys wearing head-to-toe cream is an excellent way to be viewed as the dandiest fancy lad in all the land, mercilessly taunted and possibly incarcerated by the fashion police (AKA me). Girls still probably swooned over Cody Simpson in this getup, but it kinda doesn’t matter what you wear when you’re a rich pop star with a cute Australian accent.


Bold Branding
I always say that if you’re visiting New York and want everyone to know you’re a tourist, by all means, wear a Coach bag. Or any branded clothing for that matter. Justin Bieber manages to work this Louis Vuitton jean jacket, but for the rest of us, relying on a logo to make an outfit cool is the opposite of fashion! Do you care where a guy’s clothes come from, as long as they look good? Didn’t think so.


Style Lessons Guys Can Learn from One Direction!

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  • Sammy

    Zac Efron looks great with and without facial hair! He’s great no matter what. :) <3

  • missXpink

    cody simpsons looks the best he is so awesome

  • max[diana] 1d, jb and mjj fans

    i completely agree with dis man!

  • Mimi

    Louis looks so hot!!

    • Troublemaker=P

      i cant beleive im agreeing but i am grr and i never thot i cld think that about one of them

  • Yas

    loads of guys and girls tie their hoodies here in england its nothing special to celebs

  • brenna


    • Claire

      Once a dude at my school got dared to wear suspenders the next day , and he actually looked pretty good. I had a crush on him and he liked me too. Suspenders saved my love life.

      • Troublemaker=P

        wow thats kinda weird