Why Photoshop Is Totally Messing With Our Minds

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Everywhere we turn we’re faced with pics of gorgeous celebs. They’re even all over Teen.com! Sure, we can focus on the celeb’s cute outfit or be jealous of their life, but really most of us probably turn it back on ourselves. It’s easy to see a pretty actress, and then think, “I wish I looked like that” or “If only my body looked like hers.” But something we don’t think about is that the pics we see are often totally Photoshopped. There’s a reason we don’t look like our fave celebs — they don’t even really look like that!


It’s time teens stood up to magazines and advertisers. We think it’s more important to see models and actresses of every shape and size. Or how about not airbrushing the cellulite off of actresses? Or showing when their skin isn’t perfect? Well, one teen is taking action. Last week, teenager Julia Bluhm,(pictured to the left) staged a protest in support of her Change.org petition, “Seventeen Magazine: Give Girls Images of Real Girls!” in front of Seventeen’s headquarters.

Julia said in an interview with The Huffington Post, “I’ve always just known how Photoshop can have a big effect on girls and their body image and how they feel about themselves. You need to see something realistic — you need to see a reflection of what truly represents a teenage girl nowadays.” Julia was simply asking that the magazine feature one unaltered photo spread in each issue.

Seventeen editors ended up speaking with Julia later and basically said they’re committed to helping promote healthy body image (although they didn’t technically agree to do less Photoshopping.) “A” for effort though.

Some celebs have already been drawing attention to this issue. Britney Spears once posted unaltered pics of her Candie’s shoot on her website. The before and after pics looked totally different!

Oh, and just last weekend, AnnaLynne McCord posted a completely make-up free pic of herself on Twitter, saying:

“I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect — and that’s okay with me!”


That’s ok with us too, AnnaLynne! Gosh, we love her confidence.

What do you think about the Photoshop debate? Are magazines and advertisers doing enough to show real girls? And what can you do to show you love yourself, flaws and all?

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  • jennie

    true x

  • Kittykat

    Photoshopping is bad

  • lauralovescody

    I agree a lot with all of your comments! I think that in this day and age , everybody is so obsessed with being “perfect”, that we aren’t noticing how beautiful we all are naturally. I think most of the time, the unaltered photo shoots look beautiful anyway. The only thing that ‘needs’ to be altered (sometimes) is the lighting and even then ,not to the extent it usually is! Everybody is beautiful and unique , and we need to stop comparing ourselves to celebrities, pop stars, and even our classmates, to be honest! Keep your heads high girls (and guys) … you are all beautiful :).

  • Troublemaker=P

    i think its funny when they mess them up cuz then we rlly know wht they look like :)

  • Labiba

    Magazines need to stop photoshopping; it has such a huge influence on both teen boys and girls. It’s the reason for anorexia, bulimia and excessive working out. They should also think about the celebrities involved – they’re familiar with their own bodies, and whenever they release a photo-shoot, they’re shown to be different and ‘prettier’ from what they know they really are. How will this affect their self-esteem? How will they live up to their expectations in the public eye? It’s like what happened to Demi Lovato last year – why should our favorite celebrities hide or change themselves when we would love them more for who they are? The magazine industry is peer-pressuring normal people as well as famous people. It’s just not right.

    • Troublemaker=P

      here here!!! my one friend almost did stuff just to get rlly skinny

  • Alexandra Gates

    I think that this is such a major issue in magazines today. I am so proud of this girl for her efforts and I think more needs to be done. I’m going to research and see how I can help. I am amazed by the pictures of AnnaLynne and Britney. Even though I realize pictures in magazines are photoshopped, it’s amazing to see that they really do look “normal”. They’re normal people and they’re still beautiful but everyone else is just as beautiful. I think that’s a very difficult concept to grasp. I, myself, have self image issues but just seeing those unphotoshopped pictures helps me gain some perspective on the issue of body image. I think that people could definitely inspire enough change to create a larger movement of unphotoshopped pictures in magazines, especially teen vogue and seventeen which have such huge influences on teens and body image. And I think that it’s absolutely horrible that seventeen could say that they are committed to promoting body confidence and then continue to only show “perfect” girls. They could be the change. They need to take that responsibility and risk not having perfect girls in their magazines. Then maybe I’ll stop seeing them as hypocrites.

    • So Selena Gomez

      I totally agree with you all. thanks you teen.com for doing a post of this. Xx

      Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.

      • Thiru

        For the most part I think the “before” pics looked a ton betetr than the “after” pics. 4 I am debating on, but I think it probably looks betetr in the before. 12 needed betetr lighting, because she looks washed out in the first, so I guess the after looks a little betetr. 7 is the only one I really think looks betetr.

  • Hi.

    Girl’s shouldn’t be shown pictures of altered photos. They give us expectations that some of us can’t reach. And, they make us feel bad about ourselves. Society is telling girls, “You have to be THIS skinny to be pretty.” They should be showing us that you are beautiful the way you ARE.

  • oneppl

    I have a problem with my skin too, but i can solve the problem, and i think AnnaLyne is cooler without make up…

  • .FC

    It’s amazing what make-up and photoshop can hide. But, a beautiful person can only be called such if there heart is beautiful. There is no sense in calling out someone’s physical beauty when they lack inner beauty. A person can have blemishes and acne, but if they’re beautiful inside, that’s what really counts. It sucks how society defined the image of beauty. You don’t have to be or have perfect skin, skinny, tall, perfect teeth, perfect vision. Society ruined the definition of beauty.