WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week

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What is going on with these chicks?! We’d expect to say “WTFashion?” to stars like Lady Gaga (which, as you can see, we did), but the rest? We’re kinda ashamed of them. Guess there’s nothing left to do now — let’s stop chatting and just get to the worst dressed celebrities of the week…

Jennifer Stone
We won’t say anything about the dress. In fact, the dress is pretty cute.
We just need to know what’s going on with Jenny’s makeup. That’s the real dilemma here.


Lady Gaga
Again, this is less about the  attire (though it’s still godawful for a less… um, eccentric woman) and more about what it’s paired up with: multi-colored pastel extensions? Really?


Alexa Chung
How does Harry Styles have a crush on this chick? She wears trash bags for clothing!
And not the dirty/Ke$ha way either. Alexa’s clearly trying to pass this off as fancy.


Jessica Szohr
1. There is such a thing as a strapless bra. K, just putting that out there.
2. Umm, what is this tassel thing she got going on around her ribcage?


We know we’ve talked about this before… but srsly, WTF is this?! We can practically see Bey’s buns, and let’s not forget the floor-sweeper trailing behind her.


Katy Perry
Usually KP makes our worst dressed list due to her bright fashion risks…
Obviously, that’s the exact opposite case today. We’re still not fans, Katy!


Which celeb had the biggest fail on the RC this week? Do you like any of the looks?

Vote in Our ‘WTFashion?’ Showdown Between Kreayshawn & Jessie J!

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WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week
  • starr

    Beyonce overdoes it at times. Obviously she’s fresh out of ideas. She looks like a tramp here! katy and gaga are beyond saving

  • kulsoom

    i have to agree with you guys…
    katy perry’s dress is horrible and not only that but her makeup is too white…it doesnt go with it..and the purple hair is too much!! beyonces dress is great love the colour and everything except for that a** being shown off!! hate jessica’s dress completely!! alexa trying a bit hard to look like lady gaga…although lady gaga has no taste in fashion herself but seeing all of this id say jennifer looks better then all of them!! =P

  • Newyorkyankees17

    A bra would definitely be a good idea…especially for a red carpet.

  • Danny

    Wtf? Gaga’s extensions look amazing, it is clear her fashion level is higher than this writer

  • ihrtmusic

    i <3 katy's dress!!!

  • vanessa

    I love jennifer stone’s dress and make-up.

  • hayley

    there not all that bad exept for beyonce

  • Takashi

    I love Jennifer’s and booties and jewelry! but change the make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tania

    Ok there was NO need to be rude to alexa chung sure the dress is rather ugly you still didnt need to say that.

  • KOKI

    Jennifer’s Dress Wasn’t Bad

  • Nikki

    I like Jennifers makeup.

  • Kelsey

    Katy Perry is perfect.

  • Traci

    i think Katy Perry looks good.. and the hair really rocks it..

  • Jane

    i like jennifers

  • Sylviie

    i recommend jessica to wear a bra. just saying

  • silver

    what you said about alexa chung was really rude…….i know the dress isnt the best but still, no need to be rude