5 Celebs With Really Ugly Tattoos

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As the proud owner of a chic little piece of ink myself, I believe that there are no lame tattoos. At least, I did until I saw these stars with some seriously questionable body art. From poor placement to a “You’re gonna hate this in five years” design, check out a few of the most awful inkings in Hollywood!

Hayden Panettiere
The golden rule of getting a text tattoo? CHECK THE SPELLING. This seems like a no-brainer, but Hayden, who clearly doesn’t speak Italian, failed to spellcheck her ink and now there’s an extra in her Vivere senza rimipianti message, which means “Live without regrets.” Or at least it would if it weren’t totally misspelled. Oh, the irony.


RiRi collects tattoos like I once collected scratch n’ sniff stickers (let’s not talk about it). She has over a dozen eensy little inkings, but the worst is by far this atrocious THUG LIFE emblazoned across her knuckles. Really, Rihanna — you’re living the thug life? Really? Because I bet most hoodlums don’t go to the Oscars and fly in private jets. Just a thought.


Kelly Osbourne
Can anyone tell me how a girl with the oddeset menagerie of body art EVER lands a gig criticizing other peoples’ style on The Fashion Police? From her hideous keyboard (she admitted she doesn’t even play!) to the awkward, manly anchor on her arm, Kel has wisely decided to laser off most of her 15 tats.


Lady Gaga
She may be the most unique star on the planet, but that doesn’t mean her tattoos follow suit. In addition to a few other designs, Mother Monster has an oh-so-cliché peace sign on her wrist. Wait — she likes peace?? No way! I bet she likes “having fun” and “hanging with friends” too!


Scarlett Johansson
“It just makes me happy when I look at it,” says ScarJo of her hippie-ish sunset tattoo. True, it’s cute in a bright, Sanrio pencil box kind of way. But you should always ask yourself “What message will this body art send to the world?” Unfortch, the message her ink sends to me is: “I’m Scarlett. I like colors and am incapable of holding a meaningful conversation.”


Which of these tattoos is the worst? Do you have any body art (or would you consider getting some)?

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33 Responses to "5 Celebs With Really Ugly Tattoos"

  1. Teen.com
    Person says:

    Okay, how is Gaga’s tattoo bad if it’s in memory of her idol, John Lennon? Just a question.

  2. Teen.com
    kimberly says:

    GaGa is on the their list of best wrist tattoos..for the same tattoo !! Stupid..

  3. Teen.com
    1dluvv says:

    wats wrong with gagas?????? if i was gonna get a tattoo i would prob get a peace sign (or 1D’s logo, lol)

    • Teen.com
      Wichuda says:

      I just got one of those too. It hurts only when it’s being done, as soon as the needle goes away, so does the pain. But the legonr the needle stays on, the worse it feels. It kinda creeps all over your body slowly but it’s a sweet relief when it’s done. Seriously, if you can get your eyebrows plucked, you can stand a lower back tattoo. It’s just a legonr pain and your lower back turns out pretty in the end.Oh and by the way, get ready to buy bare midrif tops if you want it to be seen by others, and not just the person doing u from behind.

  4. Teen.com
    grace says:

    stop judgingggg!! “what means nothing to you can mean the world to someone else.”

  5. Teen.com
    Pil says:

    People care way too much about other people’s tattoos. And tattoos in generel. And people. Mellow out, man

  6. Teen.com
    Psst says:

    I frankly don’t think anything when I see a tattoo. Same reaction when I see someone with blonde, red or black hair. Just note that the chick has blonde hair and a tattoo on her arm. That’s it. Stop judging. Stop measuring people to your standards. Just let them be.

    • Teen.com
      WAFFLES says:

      They aren’t judging them because they have tattoos, they are just picking out 5 celebs with awkwardly placed or ugly tattoos.

  7. Teen.com
    Drnumb05 says:

    i love that tattoo on Scarlett Johansson. its too attractive with nice color combination.

  8. Teen.com
    Asia says:

    Ain’t nothing with Gaga peace tattoo…..JS

  9. Teen.com
    LOL says:

    Its funny how people are stating that comments about the tattoos are rude. If someone places something on their body that is “for all the world to see” then they need to be “big enough” to handle some critical remarks about it. It is obvious that the world may not understand the “inner meaning” of the tattoo, but it should be JUST as obvious that 1st impressions are made from visual observations. If you all cant handle that there are going to be “1st impressions” made based upon what people see, without them “understanding the deeper meaning” then you should take that into consideration BEFORE getting a tattoo that people can see, instead of calling people rude for commenting on it.
    And before you get on your high and mighty horse and make a claim that you dont make judgements about people based upon visual clues … think again. Remember the homeless person you didnt want to make eye contact with, remember the drunk bum that you walked a path around, remember the guy/girl you seen sitting across the bar/concert/bus stop. EVERY day we ALL make instant evaluations about someone SIMPLY because of visual clues. DEAL WITH IT.

  10. Teen.com
    Rachel says:

    I think Josh Hutcherson’s anchor tattoo should be added to the list. I like the tattoos on his wrist, but that one’s just disgusting.

  11. Teen.com
    Eliza says:

    Since when does someone’s BODY art become the world’s business? Even if you’re the most famous being on the planet, if you get tattoo for the public then you yourself should judge you its body art for you and yes it so happens people can see it but aside from being a rude post it is altogether unnecessary.

  12. Teen.com
    Emily says:

    Scarlett Johansson just because there’s too much color lol.

  13. Teen.com
    VANESSA says:

    am so agree with ellie

  14. Teen.com
    Just Sayin... says:

    ok umm shallon you need to chill the eff out cus most of these tats really not that bad and besides who cares if they have the tat or not it’s their own damn body and it’s not gonna benefit your life whether or not you like them and most of these tats may have meanings behind them or maybe they’re tryna pay some respect to some1… so b4 you go off on any1 make sure u actually look up y they have the tat at least…and btw i don’t like u….Just Sayin.

  15. Teen.com
    Nina says:

    “It makes me happy when I look at it, but the reason I had it done is very personal. Some things have to remain private.” -Scarlett Johansson


    Basically, you shouldn’t criticize what other people do to their bodies in such a rude manner. You’re basing her personality on a tattoo you don’t know the meaning behind, and you’re cutting her worth down to the design on her forearm. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of your articles, but clean up your words or keep from publishing stories like this.

  16. Teen.com
    sundae says:

    The only one I dislike is Rihanna’s. She goes from being a caribbean inspired artist, to sweetheart, to sex crazed junkie/punk, to a thug?!!! when will the REAL Rihanna come forth?

  17. Teen.com
    Yana says:

    Most of what was said or actually all of what you have written is very rude.. Who are you to judge them, when you don’t know what the tattoos stand for etc. and I have also noticed that mostly everything you have recently posted is very rude..

  18. Teen.com
    Olivia says:

    Clearly you don’t understand Rihanna’s tattoo is a homage to Tupac.

  19. Teen.com
    faz says:

    Teen.com, i get what you’re saying and all, but i really like lady gaga’s tattoo… i know it is a little obvious, but it looks pretty cute :”)xx

  20. Teen.com
    Sarah says:

    I don’t really understand how this is “rude” but it is their tattoo, they can get whatever they want to. Even though what this post said was kind of true.

  21. Teen.com
    Jacy says:

    Did anyone notice that hayden’s tatoo is not spelled wrong. Might want to enlarge and pay attention to how its written. Imperfect penmanship does not mean its spelled wrong

  22. Teen.com
    Morgan says:

    I think most of what you said is really rude. Some of them could have meaning, its not everyone’s business what their tattoos stand for.

  23. Teen.com
    ellie says:

    if they like their tattoo ,it doesnt even matter what you guys think. this is a really ruude post.

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