Exclusive Premiere of Victoria Justice’s New Victorious Single Cover Art!

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Keke Palmer‘s not the only Nickelodeon star with new music coming your way — Victoria Justice has a fresh Victorious single! But while you wait for it to debut, here’s the exclusive first look at the cover art for her “Make It In America” tune:

You can catch the premiere of the single on an all-new, one-hour ep of Victorious this Saturday, May 19. (Oh, and P.S. If you really can’t wait, Victoria will debut the song in a performance on The Ellen Show tomorrow, so set your DVRs to NBC at 4pm EST!)

The song will also be featured on the upcoming Victorious soundtrack, dropping June 6. Are you going to pick it up? WDYT of the cover art?

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22 Responses to "Exclusive Premiere of Victoria Justice’s New Victorious Single Cover Art!"

  1. Teen.com
    thoko says:

    I luv victoria she sings so good and luv her music 2.mchwa

    • Teen.com
      Curtis says:

      Victoria is it true that you carried two guys and also i see ppleoe crying for help but i desperately need superpowers to help ppleoe kinda like a superman and must i have a near death or out of body experience before i gain superpowers please aunty victoria enlighten me more. Thanks i love you

    • Teen.com
      melissa malone says:

      victoria is really sweet and caring person and i met her at new york state fair i spent like ten minutes with her and she is awesome and great singer and great tv show victorious.

  2. Teen.com
    vitoria says:

    aaaaaaaaaa victorius quase charas em

  3. Teen.com
    Samantha says:

    So victoria looks so good you can say anything to my sister and they look so much alike :)o.o:)

  4. Teen.com
    Walking dead says:

    SHE ROCK!!

  5. Teen.com
    Walking dead says:

    Love Victoria….
    SHE ROCK!!

  6. Teen.com
    britney says:

    victoria is awsome singer she is so cool she have a cool style that i like alot the best part about her she is so sweet and pretty her hair is always cute i like her new make it america cover art too.

  7. Teen.com
    Xenia says:

    I love Victoria and Victorious so mcuh, she’s my idol! I’ll definatley get the soundtrack. <3

  8. Teen.com
    sexy girl says:

    OMG i love your show victorious i love you victoria and i think that Beck is soooo H.O.T HOT!!!!!!!!!

  9. Teen.com
    tik tok says:

    perfecto girl…i love you

  10. Teen.com
    michelle says:

    LOVE HER!!!!!

  11. Teen.com
    Britney says:

    I love u victoria

  12. Teen.com
    gisele says:


    • Teen.com
      Doree says:

      had to research the cast of every posren involved in the 2005 victoria’s secret show xD lol while i did all that i had also learnt that she had a sister who was also a model but had died from a bicycle accident = poor thing. Angela Lindvall truly is one of the most underrated VS super models.

  13. Teen.com
    fun says:

    it looks kinda fake

  14. Teen.com
    florian4you says:

    hey make a live chat pleas ….. fan from Germany ..=)

  15. Teen.com
    marco domenack says:

    va estar super chevere
    ese dia!!!!!!!

  16. Teen.com
    ivanna says:

    te adoro victoria eres lo mejor me encanta tu musica y tu actuacion adoro tu forma de vestir tiene un estilo

    te queiero X100pre iva

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