10 Clues: Guess the Movie!

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Today’s 10 Clues: Guess the Movie challenge film is a teen classic that totally dropped our jaws when we first watched it! Will you get it right this time? Click through to read all the clues!

1. This film was nominated for three Academy Awards… but none of those were for its script or its acting.
2. A few of the main characters in this movie aren’t exactly human… they’re aliens!

Click on for Clues 3-6!

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20 Responses to "10 Clues: Guess the Movie!"

  1. Teen.com
    Chloe says:

    Linkin park song,thats transformers then

  2. Teen.com
    Galway says:

    I am number 4 or Race to Witch Mountain

  3. Teen.com
    Ash says:


  4. Teen.com
    SierraDanielle says:

    If its Shia LeBoeuf (not sure on spelling) whay have a picture of Drake Bell??

  5. Teen.com
    yogesh says:

    i am number 4

  6. Teen.com
    whitney says:

    i am number four

  7. Teen.com
    makayla says:

    ah it is transformers boo

  8. Teen.com
    makayla says:

    nope i am number four

  9. Teen.com
    makayla says:

    i am number four or race to witch moutain

  10. Teen.com
    Sarah says:

    I never get these right. It makes me so made!!

  11. Teen.com
    slim shady says:

    Fk all of ya

  12. Teen.com
    vicksy says:

    i am number 4 and transformers

  13. Teen.com
    vicky says:

    i am number 4

  14. Teen.com
    Sammie says:


  15. Teen.com
    juliejoy says:

    all i needed to see was the picture its clearly I am Number 4

  16. Teen.com
    keila says:


  17. Teen.com
    kenzi says:

    yay i got it right

  18. Teen.com
    kenzi says:

    transformers ????

  19. Teen.com
    sandy says:


    • Teen.com
      Alex Ortiz Estrella says:

      transformers suck I saw 1-3 and it is boring because they changed Megan Fox in part three.

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