From Our BFFs: Ariana Grande Spills on Her New Singles (and LMFAO!)

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You read it right, Ariana Grande has singles coming out this summer. As in plural. And one of them’s with LMFAO! [Cambio]

As if she didn’t get enough flack the first time around, Lady Gaga debuted a new meat dress… [Hollywire]

Blondes and brunettes are so not in style anymore. Just ask Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne! [Posh24]

No one/nothing can compare to Adele, but this one-woman a’cappella medley does come awfully close… [HuffPost Teen]

Meet Ed Sheeran. A British singer whose new album’s coming out soon. Oh, and he’s BFFs with One Direction. NBD. [J-14]

Finally, Rihanna stopped following Chris Brown on Twitter! But it probably should’ve happened sooner, don’tchya think? [Gurl]

Seems like Kristen Stewart is all over the place, eh? (Not that we’re complaining.) Check her new ELLE mag cover! [Just Jared Jr.]

SPOILER ALERT! What’s to come on Gossip Girl, season 6 (AKA the final season!)? [Wetpaint]

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8 Responses to "From Our BFFs: Ariana Grande Spills on Her New Singles (and LMFAO!)"

    Kijie mcoliea says:

    I am your all time biggest fan Ariana
    I LOVE YOU&hope to meet you one day in person
    OMG I can’t believe I’m talking to you sort of over texting
    Ahhhh!!!!! Still Awsome

    juli says:

    LOL why she is the best????

    kaden says:

    i love ariana she is fit and nice and funny i will do her any day

    orlandus says:

    Can’t wait for your new album ariana Grande

    Chaste Martin says:

    I love you so much Ariana! Biggest inspiration ever!!! I think I must’ve listened to “Put Your Hearts Up” 5000000000000 times!!! Love you!!!

    Your Ariana Army soldier

    Chaste :))

    Britty says:

    OMG! love u ariana! cant wait for more of your music to come out!!!!!!!!!!

    Vianey says:

    I LOVE U..!!!

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