5 Reasons Guys Should Stop Hating Justin Bieber — And Start Copying Him!

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I have never met a single (straight) guy who thinks Justin Bieber is anything but a complete turd, but little do boys know that they’re only hurting themselves by hating on The Biebs. Not only do we Beliebers rly hate hearing why he sucks, but guys could actually learn at thing or two from JB — no swagger coach needed.

He Can Laugh at Himself
A guy who can’t take a little teasing will be a judgy mess who’s always sneering at you. But Justin pokes fun at himself in Funny or Die vids and on SNL. Ironically, this makes him look even more confident than if he took himself super seriously like Kanye West, don’t you think?


He Loves His Mom
It’s completely true that the way a guy treats his mom is the way he’s eventually going to treat you, and there’s nothing sweeter than watching a guy gush about how rad his family is. Luckily for Selena, Justin adorrrrres his mom and seems fully aware and thankful for all the sacrifices she made to make him a superstar. And he even wrote her a song for Mother’s Day!


He’s Not Threatened By a Strong Girl
I’ve learned the hard way that not every guy is going to be happy for your success. Dudes are ruled by their egos and a strong, confident, successful chick will sometimes make them feel intimidated — especially if you two have similar goals! But not Justin. He gives Sel space and support, which is something that non-famous dudes should really do too. Or at least if you can’t, fellas, please stop dating me!


He Doesn’t Think Romance Is Lame
“I’m not gonna bring you flowers,” said one recent boyfriend. “I mean, that’s just so cliché.” Uh yeah, it’s cliché because girls like it. Girls also love over-the-top romantic gestures like, say, renting out a stadium and showing Titanic! OK, fine, your dude doesn’t have to go quite that far to impress, but why don’t boys understand what Justin does: sometimes cheese romance is exactly what we want!


He’s Ambitious
If most people woke up to find that they’d swapped bodies with Justin, they’d check their bank balance, pee their pants with delight and never work another day in their life. But The Biebs is always trying to diversify and outdo himself. Any guy who is working that hard is probably going to put some serious effort into pleasing his lady too!


Do you think that dudes need to lay off Justin and maybe start taking some cues from him instead? Or is Justin just one giant punchline — and should stay that way?

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  • alex bieber

    i love justin bieber and always will so stop damn hating on justin i am sick of it i am so pissed off my own teachers even hate justin bieber and i am just done i might really kill myself now cuz of all the people that just hate him for no reason at all if damn stupied

  • Robert

    I’m not a fan of him, but people who hate him and go too far with making videos or slam pages are just low lives, and beating on a stale subject matter. There are celebrities who like to make fun of him and not take any criticism because he doesn’t want to respond to haters and just ignores them.

  • Diana

    i totally love justin, i mean he’s the most hard working guy ever, i dont understand why theres so much hate on him maybe they are super jealous of his talent and also because he could have the girl he wants to. you go bieber!!
    and yes off curse im a belieber and im proud of it!!!!

  • Akanksha

    he’s just amazing!
    he is my inspiration!
    haters suck! they dont matter at all :)

  • Bella

    I think everyone needs to shut their big ass months because yeah he will mess up because he is not a machine on batteries.. .HE IS FREAKING HUMAN for gods sake hes a sweet guy and he loves his fans and his siblings and his family and have you haters heard about Avalanna Google it hes an amazing person so you all need to shut up because at the end of the day Justin is living in a gigantic house with tons of money while ur just sitting behind a computer hating on a man living his dreams

  • Radwa

    I honestly love justin and he is just great

  • Liz

    ……he also spits on his fans, has a high ego and doesn’t know how to keep his pants up. his songs are about the same thing and hell half the time he didn’t write the song! his songs have no meaning and he is the reason girls cut themselves..i mean, the little fan girls just cut themselves for no reason and shave their heads for him out of pure obsession. life saving music is metallica and a day to remember ._.

    • KAtheirne(belieber)

      he didn’t spit on his fans. it was photo shopped by tmz….they just want to start bad rumors about him so much that when they don’t have any, they make them up.

      HE can wear HIS clothes how HE wants because it’s HIS body.

      his songs have meanings. and yes they are related to each other in ways, its him telling about how he feels or about others

      u cannot tell someone that they aren’t allowed to do what they want with themselves. THEIR body THEIR actions. none of your business.

  • Alicia

    Thats wrong tho, u shouldnt compare guys to jb, let them be theirselves, as someone above me said, you described a decent mans qualities,. You can have a decent man without it having to be jb…i have to shake my head on this, this was a waist of typing for you and reading for me. Big mistake buddy

  • Blake

    He spits on his own fans… Smokes weed… Turns up late to gigs…

  • Scarlett

    All these qualities mentioned are the qualities of a decent man, not just JB. If you posted this because you want men to be more romantic and caring, then your epic mistake was using JB as an example. If you posted this merely to get him more fans….I can’t even begin to describe how mistaken you are. There, wasted 4 minutes of my life in this crappy page. Hope you’re satisfied.