10 Celebs With Cool Wrist Tattoos

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We love celeb tattoos! From Justin Bieber’s epic Jesus tat to Miley Cyrus’ dream catcher on her ribcage, we just can’t get enough of all the ink-spiration. But if you ask us, we prefer those tats that are visible and chillin’ right there on celebs’ wrists. Here are some of our fave inspiring ones. Which one’s your fave?

Selena Gomez
SelGo has a small musical note on her wrist. Which is totally fitting, considering music was is such a huge part of her life.


RiRi’s tribal ink represents strength and love. We totally dig it, though we wish Chris Brown didn’t have a matching one…


Lea Michele
Lea has the words “I Believe” inked on her wrist in teal. Those words are the name of a song in the Broadway show Lea used to perform in, Spring Awakening.


Lady Gaga
Gaga’s peace sign on her left wrist is a tribute to former Beatles member, John Lennon, who Lady G looked up to.


Katy Perry
With both of Katy’s parents being Pastors, it’s obvious that religion was a central part of her childhood. Which is why the ‘Jesus’ ink suits her so well!


Miley Cyrus
Miley has an anchor on one wrist and an “Om,” a religious Hindu symbol, on the other. Hey, whatever works.


Leighton Meester
Leighton and her BFF got matching wrist tattoos together after the completion of Remember the Daze, which Leighton starred in and her BFF wrote/directed. We prefer friendship necklaces, but hey, whatever floats your boat.


Khloe Kardashian
Khloe found a handwritten letter from her father that said “I love you.” Our fave Kardashian then had the letter photo copied and inked on her wrist. So freakin’ clever!


Kelly Clarkson
Kelly had her cross tat first and later added the words “Love them more” next to it. The idea was inspired from her childhood Pastor that used to say people are mean when they’re not loved enough, so it’s your job to ‘love them more.’ We never knew something so deep could be so cute, ya know?


Demi Lovato
While in rehab, Demi’s fans constantly encouraged her to “stay strong.” These words meant so much to Demi that she got them inked onto each of her wrists.


Which tattoos do you like the most? Did you know the meaning behind any of these already?

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  • jesica us (jee)

    This is very true, some people have overlooked .your darting nice article and understandable everyone. Nice post,Thank

    I was a hairdresser should know this concept, for use on the hair style of all the characters

  • awesome tattoos blog thanks for sharing

  • Selena Gomez Beautiful tattoo , fashion

  • sarah mazar
  • sarah mazar
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  • chloe daster

    i know how much khloe’s dad meant to her, so props to her for figuring out a way to do that….i also think demi’s is cool….the thing i like about their tats is that they both hold a lot of meaning, and that is admirable.

  • Tanya

    Very Beautiful Designs. For Lady Gaga Wrist.

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  • Chaufforest

    What about VB hers is really stunning.

  • katt

    To each their own cool tattoos are in the eye of the beholder…I think most of this are w.e like Katy Perry for example how is that appropriate when she tattoos Jesus on her wrist when most of the time she looks like a cartoon slut weirdo!!

  • RT

    No such animal as a “cool wrist tattoo.” They’re cheesy and low rent and trashy.

    • Purpleshell

      You are oh so very wrong. There is nothing cheesy about a small tat.
      I got one on my wrist for my 81s birthday
      All over body tats are a bit much.

      • Shining_Starr

        I think it’s awesome that you got a tattoo on your 81st birthday! Do what makes you happy!

  • Jimmy Bee

    Hey, how about “Left” on one wrist and “Right” on the other. So they won’t get confused.

  • Johnson Awas

    It is really nice when I look at them.Very beautiful even the ladies very beatiful.

  • Aden Brill

    Anyone (especially women) with a tattoo has psychological problems, and those with tattoos on their wrists have bigger psychological problems than most.

    Visible tattoo = loser.

    • Somehing

      Your comment is invalid. So, you’re saying because someone has a tattoo relating to Jesus they’re a loser… I really think that you should think before you post… because in my opinion that makes no sense…

    • ylynn

      Y are u even on this page?

    • Don’t worry about it

      you’re an idiot Aden Brill.

  • Radwa

    Demi’s tattoos are the best i got them too

  • Ali

    Khloe’s is actually very sweet
    and clever

  • Clara Holm Sjøberg

    I think all of them are cool. But Demi’s is so inspiring, and there are so many young girl’s and boys who got them inked on themselves as well. I think that is so powerful and beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    Demi Is cool

    • Ruth

      They r all awsom………. but i have to agree with them Demi is wow!!!!!! i wish i could meet her……………