From Our BFFs: Taylor Swift Donates BIG BUCKS to Country Music Hall of Fame

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Talk about generosity, Taylor Swift donated $4 MILLION to the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum! [Hollywire]

Based on all these song covers, Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know” is the new “Call Me Maybe.” [HuffPost Teen]

A One Direction and Demi Lovato duet… Pshh, you won’t have to convince us. This needs to happen!!! [M]

Listening to The Wanted‘s music is one of our guiltiest pleasures, but what are theirs? [Cambio]

Which pop singer has a platinum single in five countries? If you know the answer, guess this Gurl Crush Mystery… [Gurl]

What’s a Kim Kardashian/Kanye West date like? Oh, just a little dinner, a little romance… and a flight to London! Sigh, if only our date nights were Kimye style… [Posh24]

Gossip Girl still has one more season — then that’s it. Wah! — but Leighton Meester‘s already talking about moving on. [Wetpaint]

Seventeen‘s not the only mag Sarah Hyland‘s covering this month… [Just Jared Jr.]

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  • hayley

    I think thats great and all but I do think that money could have gone to charity not give it to people that were all ready rich…..

    • Troublemaker=P


  • Troublemaker=P

    wow at least some famous people have some sense. :)

    • Gardien

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