Quiz: Which of Rihanna’s Personas Would You Be?

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Rihanna’s been on fire lately – it’s like she’s everywhere! In sexy ads, on tour, and now even in movies (side note, doesn’t Battleship look awesome?!). That’s why this is the perfect time to figure out which Rihanna you’re most like: Are you the career-focused RiRi? Or are you more edgy like the Rih that’s always tweeting? Quiz it to find your Rihanna personality match!


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  • keyslia m. cole

    she ok but what she look like now

  • Snethemba

    I am a huge fan of riri my friend Lungile and my group like riri and plan on meeting her .Guys we are a girl group for your information. So we are huge fans my friend Alicia Antonio and us has gone to many of her concerts. Riri’s music really touched our hearts thanx for letting your music touch our hearts you are the best and we are gonna be just like amazing singers. Thanx again love u very much. From the Riri group

  • Lungile

    I love riri she is the bomb so is her music . Everybody might be jealous but riri’s birthday is after my mother’s birthday .So anyway I like riri and her quizzes that I do once a month Iam a south african but riri I like thanx for letting your music touch my heart Love u

  • candice

    I realy do louve you rihanna aka riri no matter wht ppl say mwahhhh

  • kanesha

    i love doing quizes