8 Teen Jobs That We Want (On TV)

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Whether you’re searching for a summer job or already have a position lined up, there’s a good chance that you’re not gonna be working your dream gig come June. Sorry, kids. But these teens make moolah doing rad things. Jealous? Just remind yourself that they’re also not real people television characters…

Jane Quimby from Jane By Design
Student by day, fashion designer Donovan Decker’s assistant by night, Jane has the job that “a million girls would kill for” (to quote The Devil Wears Prada). Sure, she has to deal with the politics of high school and the politics of the fashion industry, but she also gets a free trip to Paris. Trade-off.

ABC Family

Jessie Prescott from Jessie
As a nanny for the wealthy Ross family’s four wild children, Jessie’s job upgrades the typical babysitting gig. A few perks: living in a multi-million dollar penthouse, having crazy NYC adventures, and playing with the family pet, seven-foot lizard Mr. Kipling.

Disney Channel

CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue on Shake It Up!
Dancing with your BFF? Fun times. But these besties don’t just move it in their room, they’re also dancers for Shake It Up Chicago. Performing on TV is fun — doing so with a friend is even more fun!

Disney Channel

Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl
This literary prodigy makes us mad jealous with his literary achievements. From a short story in The New Yorker to a bestselling book, Dan’s writing career has us floored. And he’s working on his follow-up novel now, to boot!

The CW

Ally Dawson from Austin and Ally
Sure, working for your parents probably isn’t the dream, but working at a music store is just plain cool, especially when you have a secret room in the back to write your own stuff.

Disney Channel

Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell from Big Time Rush
Everyone wants to be a rock star, and the members of Big Time Rush are hockey players turned boy band members. Um, we wouldn’t mind being plucked from obscurity. How about you?


Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson from iCarly
Even though they only worked at the Pear Store (iCarly‘s version of the Apple Store) for a hot minute, Sam and Freddie can temporarily claim the hipster cred that comes with working this techie job.


Teddy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie
This is the ultimate dress-up fantasy gig. Teddy snags a job at Super Adventure Land, playing a princess who must kiss her frog prince. If you grew up on Disney fairy tales, this one’s for you.

Disney Channel

Which of these jobs would you most want to have? Got your own summer gig lined up?

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  • fatma

    if i got a chance,i would have chosen big time rush cause im funny,dramatic,love music and adventures

  • Abby

    I don’t like any shows from nickaloadan. I only like disney channel :)

  • mireia

    I love zendaya!!!! and I really like Sheke it up :) 😛

    • Adriana

      sheke it up what is that do you mean shake it up???

  • Kos1968

    I love anything that Debby Ryan is in!!!

  • cindy

    i love rocky and cece

  • Diamond

    I would so love to dance on a tv show like Zendaya and Bella because dancing is what I love to do :)

  • Elizabeth

    i would love bella and zendays job becuase im a big fan of the show and a i do love dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Venssa

    I look like zuri. TAYOR LUATNER IS HOT

  • vili

    I want to work and Sissy Rocky because I love to dance
    but also to Debbie, I mean actress

    • niki

      it’s Cece* haha

  • Google

    Quinn on glee, or Santana……

  • jahna

    i wouldnt mind bella and zendays job :) :)

  • farah

    soo true !