10 Celebs That Instagram Their Pets

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Celebs are seen out and about with their pets all the time, but what we really love is when they’re snapping the pics themselves.They know how cute their little pups and kittens are and they wanna show ’em off to the world! And here’s our 10 fave celebs who share the puppy love on Instagram. Cute, right?!

Jenna Ushkowitz
Jenna sure does love her little Stella. When she’s not Instagraming her puppy, she’s Twitpic-ing instead. True love.


Lucy Hale
Lucy is all about her dogs! Almost half of the pics she posts are of her pets and the other half are of her BF Chris. And we don’t mind either way.


Chord Overstreet
Chord loves his dog so much that he made this pic his instagram icon. How effing cute?!


Ian Somerhalder
A cute kitty and a smoldering hottie in one pic? Uh, yes please! We vote more cat-stagrams and less Ian and Nina PDA pics.


Ashley Tisdale
We wish we could have a cuddle sesh with Ashley’s puppy, Maui. She just looks so fluffy and huggable.


Shay Mitchell
Shay and her lil’ Daisy could be twins. Ok that’s a bit of a stretch, but the two have matching hair color and equal adorableness.


Harry Shum Jr.
Harry makes sure his pup Charlie is always looking good for pics. We think decking him out with a stylish hat and bringing the swag with the side tilt def adds to the cuteness factor.


Taylor Swift
TSwift loves taking pics with and of her kitty, Meredith. Taylor’s latest Mer-stagram came with the caption, “Meredith in various displays of bad posture. This is happening a lot lately.” Ha. We can always count on Tay for a laugh.


Selena Gomez
SelGo is all about her rescue pup, Baylor. We’re all about it too, espesh when she posts adorb pics of him all the freakin’ time!


Ashley Benson
Ashley and Olive are the perfect duo. Olive’s almost as cute of an accessory as her hot boyf, Ryan Good


Who do you think has the cutest pet? Do you love when celebs Instragram their furry friends?

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  • Newyorkyankees17

    Love the pictures! So adorable! Animals rock :)

  • Linny

    LOVE the picture with Ian and his cat. It’s on my pinterest now. Honestly can’t say I mind the “Ian and Nina PDA” though since they are so adorable together, haha.

  • Troublemaker=P

    harry shum jr

    nice hat on the dog

  • Name

    UM, you forgot the most important one! MILEY CYRUS! Even though she doesn’t have an Instagram, you still added in Jenna Ushkowitz TwitPics! MILEY MILEY MILEY

  • Mary

    I love IAN with puppy And Selena with Baylor