Justin Bieber Escorts a Girl Who’s NOT Selena Gomez to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards (Video)

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Ya know, it’s not every day that a celebrity is willing to date a fan — though, it has happened on occaysh — but after Justin Bieber was noticeably minus one girlfriend at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards and spotted with an unknown chick instead, we knew something was up.

Never fear, Jelena lovers. They’re totally still together. But since Selly couldn’t attend the ceremony herself, Justin took the time to respond to one of his fans, Cady Eimer, after she posted a video on her YouTube page asking him to prom. Although he couldn’t attend her big night, he invited her to one of his instead!

He told People,

“I couldn’t make it [to prom], so I said ‘I need you to fly to the Billboard Awards and you can be my date.’ She’s a big fan and I thought it would be fun.”

Watch her reaction to Justin’s proposal here:

Oh, and just to prove to you that it all worked out, peep this pic of Cady with JB at the show!

Watch Justin’s BBMA proposal video in full here. Seriously, how lucky is this girl?? If you could have any celeb on your arm, who would you want it to be?

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  • briella

    so nice of him

  • Soph

    i don’t like justin beiber but it’s nice of him to do that

  • LyricLove


  • SierraDanielle

    I would have Josh Hutcherson 😉

  • Jackson Jessica

    Wld luv jaden smith!he’s super cute!


    I would love to go PRINCE ROYCE is a Latin artist, but it is U.S.A! He is very nice


      sorry but i wrote bad is FROM USA!!! Sorry Thank’s

  • lidia

    i love you justin bieber your so amayzing

  • akppkazz
  • Nyashia

    I would want one of the guys from One Direction. Anyone would be fine by me.

    • Emily

      Looooool ikr? But Justin Bieber is still freaking awesome 😛