The Best and Worst Dressed Celebs at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

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You didn’t think we’d talk about the 2012 Billboard Awards performances and winners, and not dish on the fashion, did you? Good, because the BBMAs were full of A-list celebs rocking — and flopping — on the red carpet. Starting with…

Katy Perry
Guess she’s really into the dark, vampy makeup look now, eh?
Still, KP looked nothing less than beaut in this glitzy gown.


Carrie Underwood
Between her curly blonde locks and tulle-y indigo garb, we almost mistook Carrie for Taylor Swift in the “Our Song” music video. Not that that’s a bad thing.


Miley Cyrus
NO! MiCy’s last red carpet ensemble was flawless. So why’d she have to ruin it wearing Rihanna’s white suit (minus the pants) from the 2011 BBMAs??


Taylor Swift
Never would we ever think we could put ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘sheer lace bodice’ in the same sentence. But it happened! Perhaps she doesn’t need a sparkly gold dress to rock the red carpet?


Julianne Hough
From her hair to her feet, Julianne was beyond chic.


Jordin Sparks
The only problem we have with Jordin’s BBMA attire: We can’t pick which look we heart more!


Who was the best dressed celebrity of the night? What about the worst?

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    I agree – that’s all!

  • Black Veil Brides fan 4evr

    shut up alredy about miley it was her choice not urs so stop

    • Auth

      thank you : ) i find it ridiculous how the mrioajty of the comments are saying that people shouldnt criticize her just because the drug shes doing is legal. its still a drug and its still a bad look for her image no matter WHAT it is. she should be smarter about things. if you’re gonna be on the DISNEY CHANNEL which is a network for KIDS then dont do stupid stuff cause its gonna ruin you.

  • Rachel

    I hate Miley’s hair… I mean, wow… Hello weird hair that makes her look like she got out of bed then thrown the dress on without giving it a second thought! I love Taylor’s look, though. Simple and elegant. Jordin’s first dress with the blue skirt is prettier than the two, I think. Simple and chic. But she pulled off the other one gorgeously too.

    • Alfredo

      Cry for help??? Shut the fuck up. She’s eighteen, tearegens do stupid shit and try stupid shit. Self medicating my ass, it’s salvia. You don’t self medicate with a five minute hallucinogen dipshit. STFO, who gives a shit what miley Cyrus does anyway

  • Claud

    1.Katy Perry’s dress made her look like a grandma splattered with sparkles. I love her new hair though.
    2. Carrie Underwood… I like the looks but don’t you think it looks a little too prom-y?
    3. Miley, I love the white because it look really neat and clean. But button it up a bit. My goodness.
    4. Taylor, no complaints. Gah! I love that dress.
    5. Julianne, it looks like she’s wearing a bedazzled towel. No. No.
    6. Jordin, hello gorgeous! She looks very beautiful in both outfits. Bravo!

  • Mikey

    I honestly think that if Miley had just worn something like a simply blouse or tee under the blazer, it would have erased the controversy. There was definitely potential in the outfit; it looked very modern and edgy, but the lack-of-bra took the ensemble and threw it in the worst-dressed bin. Fashion no-no Milerz!

  • Krizzy

    Admit It, Miley looks the best as usual

  • venus

    taylor swift was the best the others were not so well dressed

  • Hannah

    I think Miley was the worse because she might as well of not worn any clothes because that was way too showing and Taylor was the best I love how reds look on her she is so beautiful.

  • Mary

    Miley, you Are cool… I dont always love her outfit but this one is cooooool;)

  • nikki

    I think Miley looks fine. She looks classy and sexy and there is nothing wrong with that…. Just because Taylor Swift is soo “sweet” doesn’t mean she looks any better than Miley.. Taylor’s dress is flashy too, but because she is a “sweet country girl” it’s okay? I think people should leave Miley alone, there is nothing wrong with what she is wearing and I personally like it. Everyone always hates on Miley for growing up and being who she wants to be, she doesn’t let people define her and i look up to her for that. She stays true to who she is, instead of trying to be that perfectly molded girl like Taylor and Selena.. For all we know Taylor and Selena could be the complete opposite of what they potray, so don’t judge her because of one outfit.

    • directioner

      hello it so wasn’t cuteif she dropped something and went to grab it we would see her underwear !!!!!!!!!
      not cute miley not cute…

      • :)

        I totally agree with you. Miley is trying way to hard to grow up and is just coming across as trashy!

  • kayara

    miley you rock

  • selena

    i love her taylor is my frnd

  • Jenn

    Does Miley have any clothes besides Liam’s jacket from his hotel room?? I mean I loved her for awhile there….but she has turned soo…trashy…. Miley, I don’t know if you read this or not but honestly I want to love you and say nice things about you, but if you keep this ensemble up, I can’t… I loved The Last Song, but why did you steal the wardrobe…

    I’m sorry if this offends any whole-hearted Miley followers, but she needs pants!! At least for me to like this outfit…

    • katy

      i definitely agree, miley you NEED to remember you are still young, you don’t go out to a red carpet event wearing literally nothing! the top is good if you button it up but those pants… a little longer miley!

  • jojo

    Miley Cyrus was Definitely the worst dressed.!!!

  • Emily

    Jordon Sparks definitely! I thought Julianne Hough was dressed in a sparkly towel lol. My next fave is Taylor Swift. She looks gorgeous in that dress! :)

  • hayley

    beautiful dresses!

  • Laura

    Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough, and Jordin Sparks

  • Nina

    So, when Rihanna wears it, she can’t lose, but when Miley wears it, suddenly it’s terrible? That makes tons of sense guys. Personally, outside of the fact that her outfit leaves little to the imagination, Miley looks great. Her only flop was the lack of any bottoms, which easily could have turned a flop into a standing ovation with a simply mini skirt.

    • Jenn

      For me, even when Rihanna dresses like this I have a problem with it. I got lost on Rihanna after she went crazy after Chris beat her up. I understand that she felt the need to express that she is better than a victim. That she needed a comeback, but that train left the station awhile ago…now she’s just crazy.

      • Yajaira

        Oh gawd, are you going to have to cut yourself out of those leggnigs?!?If you can’t get them off, hey that’s ok! They’re hot. You can just… wear them forever, right?

    • Amita

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  • lexx

    miley looks horrendous!!!!! what was she thinking????? ewwwwww

  • Troublemaker=P

    i dont like any of them i barely wear dresses so why think if they are cute or not
    im a tom boy

  • Jane

    what was mi thinking?

    • Jenn

      Answer: She wasn’t.