Celebs With the Coolest Nail Art

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One of our fave beauty trends to keep tabs on is nail art. There are endless possibilities out there and they keep us on our toes (and fingertips)! Here are some celebs who always have crazy, creative and downright cute nail designs. Lucky for us, they share the pics on Twitter! (BTW, are you following @teen on Twitter? Because you should. Because we rock.)

Shay Mitchell
Some of our fave on-set pics from PLL are of all the fun nail designs! You can always depend on a closeup of a text from “A” to check out the girls’ latest nail looks.


Katy Perry
We wouldn’t expect anything less than super sparkly and glaring bright from Katy. It’s like glitter just oozes from her fingertips. We heart her medieval nails from the Kids’ Choice Awards.


Nicki Minaj
This lady isn’t scared of a little color, glitter or anything loud. So it would be weird if she didn’t partake in the crazy nail craze, ya know?


Running with the boys doesn’t mean that Fergie Ferg’s a token tomboy. Instead she embraces the feminine, like these stiletto-shaped nails that are downright Fergalicious.


Zooey Deschanel
Quite the enthusiast of all things girly, Zooey pulls out all the stops for the red carpet and every day. Her Twitter pics give us a nail art feast for our eyes!


Bella Thorne
Bella’s def not afraid to shake it up when it comes to her nails. She goes all out with lots of sparkle and variety. Way to add even more interest to an ensemb, Bell!


Mindy Kaling
Home girl has a shopping blog, so you know her nail polish collection is on point. We don’t know if she did this masterpiece herself, but it looks totally DIY-able.


We can all agree that Rihanna posts some risque stuff on Twitter, but we can’t get enough of her nail Twit pics. She sure isn’t afraid of long fake nails. We’re just assuming she doesn’t wear contacts or, ya know, do anything, with those bad boys attached to her fingers. 


Kaley Cuoco
The beauty blogging world went nuts when Kaley wore two-toned nail polish to the People’s Choice Awards, which she hosted. Was it approps for a red carpet event? We say yes! Flaunt those gorg nails proudly!


Are there any other celeb nail art idols that we missed? What’s the coolest design you’ve ever had on your nails?

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    Love Zooey & Bella’s Nails! So easy & fun!

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    I love bells amazing

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      Rihanna is good to

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    Katy never polish intoxicated or u’ll get a d.u.I

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    I love Shay’s! :)

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    There all pretty but i like Belle’s the best they are cute.

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    Cool nails BELLA

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    I love shay’s nails! So cute

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    I Love Shay’s Nails

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    I love Bella thornes nails!!!and her style!!!!@

  • Alyssa

    I love Bella’s nails

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    Loved your nails, Bells. :))) Remember when Davis saw ’em? He was like, “Bella! Those nails are ‘poppin!” LOL!!!!!

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      sooo cute love it

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    so cool!