5 Commercials That Will Never Get Made By Celebs

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Yeah, we’ll admit it — we’re suckers for commercials. The second our fave TV show ends, we get sucked right into whatever they’re trying to sell. But, if these celebs had commercials, even we wouldn’t be able to take them seriously…

Sorry, Justin Bieber. We don’t think you’ll be starring in a men’s razor commercial anytime soon. Give it a few years — then maybe you’ll have some scruff to get rid of. Until then, keep enjoying that baby face. (And we will, too.)


As much as we love Kim Kardashian, we won’t hold our breath on seeing her in any commercials selling engagement rings. With as much of a disaster as her last couple marriages were, she’s the last person people are going to want to see anywhere near those shiny diamonds.


Can you imagine Lady Gaga in a CoverGirl commercial? We’re sure she’s gorg under all of her makeup and facial props, but yeah. Not gonna happen. (Unless CoverGirl spokespeople suddenly start looking freaky. Sorry, Little Monsters.)


It’s been months and we still have “…gotta get down on Friday…” jammed into our heads. Rebecca Black, you’re a sweetheart and we totes adore you, but if there’s a company looking for someone to promote their singing lessons, you’re not going to get the first call.


Willow Smith could have been the answer to any shampoo commercial’s dream — just turn on “Whip Your Hair” and have her do her thing, and those products are sold. But due to her recent friendship with the clippers, it may be a while until that happens. (But hey, you can sell us hair dye any day.)


Do you agree with us? What other celeb endorsements would totally be a poor fit?

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