Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, and More!

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With the Survival of the Finnicks going on, we’re having hot guy overload! We never thought we’d say this, but Harry Styles is helping us cool down (he’s not at his best this week). Hopefully, things will turn around for Harry. But we have plenty of other great photos for you: Selena Gomez puts stupid stereotypes to bed, Kanye West gets self-referential, and One Direction might get a new member. Check out our pics, let us know what you like, and don’t forget to share them with your besties!








So, what do you think of our pics? Can you make a funnier one? Tweet it @teen or post a link in the comments.

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24 Responses to "Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, and More!"

    1dluvr says:

    i think Harry Styles will always be hot ;)

    selena says:

    harry styles cute face i love! Be my baby!is very hot and come at me because i have food

    I says:

    Lol selena and Justin’s pic was the funniest lol

    auttie says:

    Harry styles could NEVER look not hot!!! He even looks amazing with no expression at all!!! His awesome face and body say it all!!! So whomever wrote this article needs to go to see the eye dr.!!!!!!!! And I would also suggest going back to journalist school. You GO Harry Styles and the whole One Direction group!!!! You guys are an incredible band and five of the cutest funniest hottest talented and kind young men we have seen in this industry in a LONG time!!! People need to stop hating and saying mean stupid things and maybe take more time to become kinder themselves before picking on others!!! Keep up the good work one direction inside and OUT!!!!!:-)))))))

    kay says:

    i thought they were talking about jb in the 1st part of the first one

    Kyra Baldwin says:

    Harry’s angry face is soooooo HOT <3 :)

    zaquia says:

    OMG that dog is soooooo cute asspesually when it’s comperd to the sixth member lol so cute

    LyricLove says:

    @Troublemaker=p i thought you were a *girl* NOT a *gril* learn how to spell……. then maybe you might be able to criticize.

    Adriana says:

    i like the one direction sixth member he has hair like Liam

    emeliy says:

    i loved it how the picture of the sixth member of one direction the dog looked like Louis thomlinson.

    Elizabeth says:

    i just love how in the picture of Justin and Selena. Selena is all excited or something and Justin is just like eh. what ever.

    Mrs. Malik says:

    Lol so funny! But I don’t get the “worst spanish presentation ever”

    Zaynsgurl says:

    Hahaha the new member of one direction

    TayBay says:

    I don’t get why that was the worst spanish presentation

    Troublemaker=P says:

    JB is a girl then lol i hate him nd girls are supposed to swoon over him HA! this gril dont!

    sai says:

    ne pellane dhenga

      Zbyszek says:

      Omg! They were so close to Selena! I would’ve jumped on stage and hug her never let go! So proud of both of them. They dsreeve all they have more.Saylor For Life -3

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