5 Guys Who Vanished After Dating Celebs

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Most dudes think that dating an A-list lady is their ticket out of obscurity and into the limelight — permanently. And while that dream has come true for some guys, like Jennifer Lopez‘s new boytoy, Casper Smart, these five fellas seemed to drop off the planet after splitting from their famous GFs.

Toby Hemingway (Taylor Swift‘s Ex)
Toby and Tay had a fling after starring in her music video for “Mine,” but since then we haven’t heard anything from the super-cute Brit boy. Apparently, he’s been busy turning into Clay Aiken?

Justin Gaston (Miley Cyrus‘s Ex)
I was a big fan of Justin (I mean, can he get any hotter — I’m even willing to overlook those lame necklaces!), but he seemed to evaporate into thin air after Miz Miley dumped him for Liam Hemsworth. I secretly wish he’d date another A-lister or launch a career of his own, just so I can look at him on the regular. Unlike…


Michael Angarano (Kristen Stewart‘s Ex)
What a doofus this guy looks like. KStew (rightly) ditched her actor beau for the infinitely better Robert Pattinson and poor Michael seems to have been slayed by the monster known as Nobody Cares About You Anymore.


Luke Worrall (Kelly Osbourne‘s Ex)
You can’t really feel sorry for Luke’s new lack of status — Kelly broke off her engagement to this flat-iron loving male model after she caught him cheating on her… with a transvestiteMeanwhile, Kelly has rebounded with a slim new figure, hit TV show and new man. Advantage: Osbourne.


Doug Reinhardt (Paris Hilton‘s Ex)
The jetsetting heiress changes men almost as often as she changes underwear — haha, JK. She doesn’t wear any — and reality TV star Doug was apparently crushed when she ditched him for some other d-bag… and never heard from again.


Which other celebs have seemingly banished their ex to the Island of Lost Boys? And which of these jilted beaus would you be happy to date?

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  • Whitney Bess

    And I really Hope Toby is not dating anyone becuse I loved him a whole lot longer then anyone else and it would just break my heart if he is becuse then I would just keep wishin that he would be with just me and not anyone else.

  • Newyorkyankees17

    Why so harsh to Michael? I don’t think he is a doofus. In fact, he is a pretty good actor and I like him way better than Kristen.

    • Martine

      He is a child actor, and not particularly talented, but I think she meant in the looks department. i still can’t see why a beauty like Kristin would date someone that looks like that. Maybe he has a great personality, but I doubt it.

  • makayla


  • Steve

    lol i wonder what u mean by harsh i think they all deserve better

  • Shanna

    Clay Aiken just nearly won Celebrity Apprentice and released his 7th album. His tour is coming up through fall and winter. What has Toby done again?

    • Whitney Bess

      Toby is really bussie with like 4 movies right now so bitch plese leve my Toby out of this.He does not deserver to be disrecpected he deservers to be loved and wich I love him eryt much. I don’t care about his money and fame all I care about his him so Stop talking bad about

    • Martine

      He is an actor. Thus he is acting. He was the male lead in Black Swan with Natalie Portman, then he was in In Time. Both pretty huge films. Wow…you keep up with Clay Aitken? Unique.

  • Cait

    Harsh WAY harsh..

  • Alisha

    Toby Hemingway was in the show the finder this last year

  • Ren

    So what if Luke cheated on Kelly with a transgender/-sexual? The point is, he cheated on her (which was awful of him to do), and the fact that it was with a trans- shouldn’t matter so much.

  • kim

    mean! really justin was on a reality show and Michael Angarano why did u have to be so mean to him he has been in movies like haywire those are the only ones i disagree with because i dont know the other two

  • Gabrielle

    …Except that Michael Angarano has more talent than the rest of these guys combined? He’s actually been getting a steady flow of indie work lately. (Just like KStew was doing until one blew up in her face.) So yeah, way to be completely shallow.

  • Emma

    What about Kris Humphries??? :)

  • Cadie

    Wow, kind of being mean to Michael Angarano, no? I saw him in ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ before I even knew he’d dated Kristen Stewart. And honestly I’m sure these guys are all doing fine for themselves even if they’re no longer in tabloids.

    • – A

      Cadie is right! And Michael was also in Sky High a long while back. Don’t hate. But some of the guys on this list, no one cared about to begin with. You really think Paris loved any one of her menagare of boy toys? Whatever. But lighten up on Michael!

    • Sasha P.

      Totally agree with you. That is kinda harsh too. He was in movies before and AFTER dating Stewart. Not a big fan of Stewart or Pattinson. So Michael Angarano is still doing pretty well.

    • Sammy

      Wow, that was definitely harsh about Michael Angarano. I have seen him in MANY more films than Kristen. Yeah, so what he’s not some A-lister, but he has done some fabulous movies the past few years and I think doing good movies over being an idiot in the tabloids (not saying Kristen is fyi, just other a-listers in general) is a better option.