6 Minor Characters Who Could Be Awesome as Mains

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You can’t help but wonder what would happen if TV World turned upside down — and secondary characters were to inherit the Earth! So what might happen if these minor parts came to the majors? Well we’ve been thinking…

6. What if Glee centered around Sugar Motta?
As a girl who wants to be in the in crowd, Sugar has definitely stunned us with her “talents” — and shocked us with her improvements! Can’t you imagine Santana and Sugar doing a duet to smooth over their differences? She’s dying to be noticed anyways, so give the girl a few solos already, Glee!


5. What if Victorious centered around Sinjin Van Cleef?
In a world where originality is key, few people can bring it like Sinjin. But since everything he touches turns to hilarity, why shouldn’t he bring a more wacky take to Victorious’ zany cast? Instead of other characters being enhanced by Sinjin, he’d be normalized by his friends — and he totally deserves to get his due.


4. What if Shake It Up! centered around Justin Starr?
A true Belieber, Justin Starr was trying so hard to capture a young audience and then, poof, turned out be be waaay older — and even married to his manager! But he still has the attention of America, so Justin could totally mentor Rocky and CeCe while still navigating the ropes himself. Kind of awesome, no?

Disney Channel

3. What if Jessie centered around Jasmine Epstein?
We can see it now: A show in which the snooty rich girl learns lessons along the way, while constantly attending cool events, hanging out with cool people and — oh yeah — trying to weasel her way back into Emma’s good graces. Hilarity ensues!

Disney Channel

2. What if The Vampire Diaries centered around Meredith Fell?
It could be pretty awesome, like VD meets Grey’s Anatomy! The beautiful doctor who heals her patients with her secret procurance. She knows a lot — and everyone! — so this beauty could totally take center stage. We’re already so drawn to her storyline with Alaric, it seems possible!

The CW

1. What if Pretty Little Liars centered around Logan Reed?
On a show focused on so many women, it would be ingenious to hear of the goings-on from a male POV, no? True, he has some questionable morals, and we can’t quite nail him down — so knowing his motivations could be oh-so-fascinating!

ABC Family

Sometimes you just can’t help but wonder, after all! Which secondary characters do you think deserve to get their due?

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  • Andrear18

    Yeah Logan is just way too unimportant…. I agree that it should be centered around another male character. What about poor little Lucas?

  • 1105!

    Um, Logan Reed? Can’t you have picked another male character? He was in what, like 2-3 episodes, and only for a few scenes. What about Caleb, Toby, Ezra… maybe Noel or Wren? Someone with actual ties to the girls. I do love the idea of a Sugar-centric Glee, though.

    • Jordyne

      Haha i was thinking the same about logan…he didnt even have enough to storyline to be centered around. they should do caleb <3 hehe

  • Laura E.

    Castiel from Supernatural should have his own show.