5 Reasons to Get One Direction’s Concert DVD

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It probably wouldn’t take much persuasion if we told you why you need to pick up One Direction concert tickets, but we want to make sure you’re totally convinced of the reasons why you must own the 1D Up All Night concert DVD, too.

Not only can you watch every moment of the boys’ show at Bournemouth BIC Arena in the UK, you’ll also see never-before-seen footage, plus the five examples we’re about to tell you.

And no, the five reasons are not just Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. Those are a given…


1. It’s like you’re actually at the concert. Whether you haven’t been able to snag tickets or you had a front-row seat, the boys can be larger than life in your very own living room.


2. You’ll hear non-One Direction song covers. Sure, you can def replay the best of 1D’s tracks, but you’ll also hear the boys cover their personal faves, like “Valerie” (by Amy Winehouse #RIP), “Stereo Hearts,” “Torn” and more!


3. You get to see other fans who are just like you. You’re not the only one crying hysterically obsessed. There’s plenty of others who totally feel where you’re coming from. So now, you can show Mom that you’re not crazy — you’re just a Directioner!


4. You get to see Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall strip! Even if you’ve had the opp to see a real-life 1D concert, you still don’t get to go backstage with the lads in between performances. With the DVD, however, you’ll get to see tons of behind-the-scenes shirtless action!


5. You’ll own all three One Direction music videos! That’s right, “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Gotta Be You” and “One Thing” will be at your fingertips whenever you please.

The DVD is out now! Are you going to get a copy? Which part are you most excited to see? And have you ever seen the boys in concert before?

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  • jessica allan

    I looooooooooove one direction but my favouritism is zayn!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Styles :)

    I Got the DVD. I Probably watched it about..um maybe like A MILLION TIMES 😀
    I Love them!

  • Karla

    Love One Direction!!!

    • usmah

      You don’t love one direction you are a big fat lair.

  • heather

    i would be the HAPPIEST girl in the world !!! there amazingg…..i listening to them everyday !!! I wanna see there concert friday ! ugh !

  • mikyle

    i love one direction since i first watched them at THE X-FACTOR!!! and they also look fun to be with and they also look sweet, i guess thats the reason why a LOOOOOOT of people love them… including me…. :) <3

  • tab kaden

    god i jus wanna see them strip!!!

  • Mrs. Malik

    WOW! Why are they sooooo hot?

    • Jordan Styles :)

      Because they are 😉

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  • JenJen

    I have the Jonas Brothers Concert DVD from when I was their fan 4-5 years ago, I have Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Movie, so it only makes sense to complete my collection with One Direction’s Up All Night DVD!! I’m sooo excited! <3

    • DolittleBabe


  • Felicia L

    I can’t wait! I entered to win this. I saw little previews online and it looks amazing! My boys have come so far <3

  • Ale

    they r the most amazing people in the world!!! <3 luv u guys!!! <3 one direction all the way!!!

  • ferr

    why NOT get it thats the question! there are no absolute reason why you wount lovee them obsessevly

  • LillaayRadical

    Because One Direction is awesome ♥