Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Chace Crawford, Lea Michele and more!

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We were pretty shocked to hear that Justin Bieber got himself into trouble this week, although we could certainly understand fighting with a paparazzo. That story got us all worried, so we need something funny to lighten the mood. Hence why we’ve got more great photos for your wall, including one of Chace Crawford’s best moments with Ed Westwick, and Lea Michele Rachel Berry acting a little… strange. We also threw in a few randos just for fun. Tell us what you think of our photos, and be sure to share them with your BFFs!













So, what do you think of our pics? Can you make a funnier one? Tweet it @teen or post a link in the comments.

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13 Responses to "Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Chace Crawford, Lea Michele and more!"

    Julianne says:

    Hi awkward lol

    Jada says:

    Lol do u se obama great taste of humor :-O

      Teresa says:

      I’ll definitely be doing a cake turaoitl sometime. I’m just a bit behind at the moment on editing my videos. I’ve been filming so much and editing so little. I have about a dozen videos that need to be put together and uploaded. :/ A cake turaoitl will be on my channel, but please be patient with me.

    Taylor says:

    These aren’t even funny. At all. Just stop trying.

      iheartNickiMinaj says:

      Chill your buns, okay? They are pretty funny, if you had a sense of humor. But I guess not everyone can be as fun as all of us :)

    Niall Horan ate my name I love him says:

    Obama deffo has good taste!

    ella says:

    the zendaya one and the obama one… hilarious =D

    ferr says:

    obama does have good taste

    Troublemaker=P says:

    not the one with chace thts just rong!!

    hayley says:

    lol these are so funny!

      Julianne says:

      Your right

      Pretty says:

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