Photos and Video From Tonight’s Teen Wolf Season 2 Premiere

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Season one of Teen Wolf was jam-packed with action, romance, terrifying werewolves, laughs and most importantly tons of hot guys. Season two, which is premiering in just a few hours, promises to be no different!  Scott not only has to deal with the whole being a werewolf deal, but he also has to protect his friends and family from Derek, who is the new alpha. Add some Scott/Allison and Stiles/Lydia/Jackson drama and you can’t go wrong. Check out these awesome pics from season two and watch a brand new clip from the season premiere below!

No one makes us LOL like Stiles, especially when he and Scott are together.


Allison is one of the toughest chicks on TV.


We don’t’ really know what’s going on here, but Jackson + rain + ripped shirt = big smiles.


Why so angry, Derek?


Life can’t be easy when your dad wants to kill your boyfriend – literally.


Lydia always has the best OMG I’m gonna die! screams.



And now, onto the video!

Insane, right? Ahh, we can’t wait! Don’t miss the season two premiere of Teen Wolf TONIGHT after the MTV Movie Awards!

Are you going to watch this season of Teen Wolf? Which character’s storyline are you most excited about?

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  • keshaun

    scout is a alpha now and he is a beast as a alpha. when her was looking for the dead body maleya tate she is a wolf. when jump of the Cliff and meet maleya.


    DANIEL SHERMAN is so hot and i have teen wolf all on my dvr from season 1 to now

  • Brigitte

    Sorry, i didn’t finish beorfe the comment submitted.It was Bruno Mars making out with a chick the whole time.There were two tidbits of Edward and Bella looking at each other.No new BD footage.Disappointment.

  • lexi

    i love tyler posey i bet the show is awesome!

    • oneelove15

      I Love Him to! <3

    • kalani

      i love tyler posey

  • Adanna

    well just watched it once just almost completed season one. it was pretty interesting

  • ej

    well, i don’t watch teen wolf but the prevew was funny so maby i will start watching it:)

  • ruby

    y dosent teen wolf show every day inseted of just monday

    • ruby

      teen wolf shoud be shown every day instded of every monday

      • tyesha

        i would like that too..but the show’s season would end really fast! n i would hate that. an its kinda fun not knowing whats going to happen just thnk n make predictions

      • kalani

        i know i wish everyda it was on ur just monday ,wednesdays and fridays