Bella Thorne Shakes It Up in an Adorb Retro Bikini

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Bella Thorne is no stranger to wearing outrageous clothes on Shake It Up, but IRL she’s totes up-to-date with the fashion trends.  Our fave red-head was spotted wearing an awesome retro-inspired polka dot bikini while on vacay in Miami Beach with her Cody Simpson lookalike BF, Tristan Klier.
bella thorne and boyfriend tristan klier


Going right along with the high-waisted trend, Bella looked super cute running through the waves and canoodling with Tristan in her retro suit.  And with others celebs like Taylor Swift and Mischa Barton already rocking their retro-bikinis this summer, we decided that we pretty much need to have Bella’s suit.  Come on, do you see how the bottoms cinch in her waist? So flattering.

bella thorne bikini


Although we couldn’t find the exact brand of Bella’s bikini (bummer, we know), we found super similar options from Forever 21 and Asos that are flattering, cute and most importantly, affordable.

bella thorne bikini


What do you think of Bella’s retro-inspired bikini? Will you be wearing one this summer or will you stick to more classic swimwear?

Check Out Bella Thorne’s Awesome Nail-Art!

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  • moha

    bella thorne we don’t like ur boyfriend hook up with shane harper

  • MINA


  • orville

    bella is so beautiful i will spoil her.

  • David

    Bella Throne: Um here and um looking and the tow picae pokudot bikini ove you is not here

  • destinee

    ughh.Bella Thorne has no body to show off and the bottoms are horrible

    • Kyle

      Dude get out of here if your just going to hate Bella Thorne is awsome.

  • Sandra

    Tristan Klier goes to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. He is an unbelievable athlete. He is super good looking, and he is a really nice guy!!!!! Cody should be flattered people think he resembles Tristan. There is no mistaking Tristan. he is not short. He is 6’2″ and totally adorbs <3

  • Lauren

    Love the retro bikini

  • bellaisthebest

    i love those retro bikinis

    • Bella

      I luv your bikini I have one like that!!! :)

  • bubbles

    bella you look so beautiful. i love the bathing suit. i think u guys r jelouse of her becaz she luks like a model and she’s hot

  • Bella Thorne

    Que bella

  • Thea

    i love the bikini ! :)


    All yall shutup,really.LOL.IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SWIMSUIT!
    @Mel and Hanna:U Guys have sense :)

  • Truth

    As everyone else says- I lobe the top, hate the bottoms!!!!! They make her look short, uptight and pounded. She either should were a full piece or a regualar bikini!!!!! I think its a good thing they couldn’t find her exact swimsuit- because we don’t need to see ANYNmore celebrities ‘Rocking’ those things!!!!! EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!

  • Unknown

    i dont get why they crossed out the cody simpson lookalike part…come on now, we are not blind..we could still see it!!

  • Tishna

    Wow in the first pic it looked like it wasn’t even Bella. Omg that bikini looks hideous like who would want to were thAT LIKE yuck. Omg she did so well in shake it up. Guess what like Cody Simpson’s dream girl is BELLA THORNE!!!!!!!!! OMG i love the top but the bottoms are hideous.

  • 000av


    • Tishna


      • Sasha

        Double agreed

  • Mel

    WOW I think bella looks stunning,as usual! That bikini is gorgous! LOVE IT,WANT IT!x

  • Hanna

    i love the bikini :)

  • Kay

    I think the top is cute but the bottom is completely hideous. Those bathing suits make me want to puke.

    • BVB 4evr

      u make me wanna puke