The Glee Project: Our Favorite Contestants & Their Celebrity Twins

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OMGlee! If you, like I, have been going through Glee withdrawals, then last night’s premiere of The Glee Project was srsly amazing.

The first episode’s theme was “Individuality” and considering the new season features a girl in a wheelchair, a blind guy (who I am obsessed with, I heart him so much), a transgendered boy (girl?) and a boy with Autism, I think they’ve got that theme pretty well covered! But while each contestant certainly has their own uniqueness, there were a few who reminded me of celebs we already know and love…

Aylin AKA Katy Perry
Despite being raised in a super religious Muslim household — her mom didn’t’ even let her use tampons because she thought it “stole her virginity” — Aylin loves to flaunt her flirty side and drive boys crazy, just like a certain California Gurl, whose uber-Christian parents kept her on a tight leash. Alyin has a ton of sass, but do you think she’s as creative and fun as KP?


Shanna AKA Megan Hilty
Not only do these two look a lot alike IMO, but both Shanna and the Smash star are super-high energy and are willing to work their tails off to get ahead. Plus, Shanna admits that she was basically the queen of high school, involved in everything , and I can picture Megan being the same way. Can’t you?


Dani AKA Justin Bieber
Remember when you first saw the website “Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber” and you were like “Oh ha ha no one actually looks like this IRL — they’re just doing it to be funny for a pic.” Well, meet Dani. She certainly doesn’t shy away from the JB comparisons — in 2010 she competed on America’s Got Talent via her Justin impersonation — but while she looks almost exactly like him, she hasn’t quite mastered Bieber’s signature swagger. But I think that once she gets comfortable in front of the camera we’re going to some legit star power from DaniBiebs!


Ali AKA Kristin Chenoweth
Once upon a time people told Wicked star Kristin Chenoweth that she was too short and tiny to make it on Broadway — no one could see her! But KChen persevered, just like Ali, who hasn’t let her wheelchair stop her from chasing her dreams on the NYC theater scene. Do you think Ali will follow in Kristin’s fearless footsteps and make it big — despite being small?


Maxfield AKA Cory Monteith
Cory may be one of the hottest guys at William McKinley High, but unlike costars Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, Cory only began singing a few months before landing the part on Glee and has no formal dance training. Ditto with Maxfield, a country cutie who hasn’t grown up on stage like his fellow contestants, but somehow manages to be just as talented! They’re basically twins.


Which Glee Project hopeful reminds you most of a current celebrity? Do you have a favorite to win?

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  • Raksmey khun

    Justin.bieber boy friend
    i love you justin
    mum dad usher
    from raksmey khun

  • Vicky

    Favourite contestants: Nellie and Blake <3

  • nick


  • GABB

    I think none of them look the same except for Ali and the celeb she looks like and Shanna and her celeb but thats it and is that a girl next to justin bieber bec she or he dnt look like her at all not cory either

  • Natalia

    Megan looks nothing at all like Katy Perry…

    • Raksmey khun

      Justin bieber boy friend
      hi I love you justin
      mum dad usher
      From raksmey khun girl friend yes no look
      home xxxoooby.

  • hotie290

    glee rocks thats all i had 2 say peace peoples

  • Leanne

    Aw Dani got kicked off

  • aliana

    i love the one that look like justin bieber shes so cute no homo and good look

    • Sam

      Actually she’s lesbian

      • Emma

        Watch it!

  • TeresaH

    Dani did not do a “Justin Impersonation”. She wrote an original *parody* song (big difference than an impersonation), voicing experience with having similar looks as Justin Bieber. She in no way tries to impersonate him or have his “swagger”. If anything, she has to fight *harder* to get people to look past the surface and see she is her own person with her own amazing music and talents.

    You can watch the parody called “What The Hell” here:

    And her explain a little bit more behind it here:

    • alyssabieber

      thats hella true

  • nicole

    the last guy looks nothing like cory montieth! 😛

    • trixie

      i know righT??

    • AnnaMarie

      I think that Charlie looks more like Cory Montieth.

  • Disha

    i feel that Maxfield is a mixture of jonatan groff and Drew Van Acker aka Jason DiLaurentis

    • Britty

      Toats agree! i think that they have a gr8 cast this season!!! toats hope they have a gr8 time!

  • Sam

    The last must have his hair cut yet :) haha who does not look as good with long hair :)

  • steph

    the last guy looks way more like jonathan groff than cory monteith. haha(: