5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Might Actually Be Ready for Marriage

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Let me say upfront that I have no idea why anyone would want to be married at 19 — so many boys in the world to be kissed, then immediately gotten sick of! — but still, Miley Cyrus is going to strut down the aisle to Liam Hemsworth. She’s getting a lot of heat for getting engaged so young, but the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that she might actually be ready to wed…

1. They’ve Dated a Long Time
MC and LH have been coupled up for three years — albeit, on and off — which is way longer than any of my friends waited before getting engaged. In a way, they’ve grown up together and are super bonded.


2. Her Parents Are Still Married
Billy Ray married Tish in 1993, so that means they’ve been married for, like, 10,000 years or whatever. True, they almost split in 2010, but worked through it. Kids who come from divorced families are more likely to divorce themselves, so it’s good that Miley has a positive example of what a lifelong commitment means!


3. Liam Isn’t the Only Dude She’s Dated
If Liam, delicious though he may be, was the only guy who Miley had fallen for, I’d advise her to pump the breaks and date around. But she’s had some pretty serious relationships under her belt — Nick Jonas (OMG, remember that??) and Justin Gaston — so maybe she’s super solid on what she’s looking for?


4. She Has a Life of Her Own
Soooo many of my friends from college got wifed up right out of college because, quite honestly, they had nothing better to do. But Miley has her own thing going on, and has for a while. So her actual age in terms of how much life she’s lived is way older than 19. Do you think she’s latching onto Liam to give her a purpose in life?


5. She’ll Never Do Better!
Let’s srsly hope she realized that Liam Hemsworth is maybe/possibly/definitely the hottest guy on Earth. Factor in his sick acting skills, insane body and uh-dorable accent and really Miley, how could you ever hope to top the star from The Hunger Games? Pfft. As if.


Do you think Miley’s ready for marriage? Or should she and Liam have waited a little longer? And do you think they’ll last?

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  • Jojo

    ok, here’s what i think in two words: NO WAY!!!!! Miley is just not 100% perfect for Liam. I mean, dude, she’s a very lame actress. Remember LOL? That movie didnt make worldwide. LOSER! But Liam deserves better than her. He’s a very good actor, despite the fact that he’s hot like his brother. My point is looks and money doesn’t matter. Reputation matters. Miley is the second Lindsay Lohan, for crying out loud! She messed up her life big time after letting the fame and glory smother her. Liam, however, is not like that. Just wait……Wait till the whole marriage starts. i guarantee you ppl they wont last a year. Who knows that during that time they get snapshot of miley smooching away with another man or boy rather than her own husband, in public or at home? Or starts stripping at a party? Would a young husband like that? No, he won’t. She’s his and so is her body, it and she belongs to him and no one else. I hope you know what ur doing, Liam. I’ll pray for you.
    P.S. According to research, young couple who have been dating but then break up are more likely to divorce when married. Dom dom dom doooom. Miley, that’s sound of ur doom. how boys u broke up with again?

  • aly

    i think if she is happy with him then thats her choice so leave her alone! she s old enough to make her own choices if thats what makes her happy than thats all she needs.:):):):):):)

  • Abdul (shade)

    Miley and hemsworth u r on a train to the destination;happily ever after.

  • Hannah-Rose

    You shouldn’t say that just because a kid’s parents are divorced that they have a bigger chance too. To be honest I think I’m more likely to know what a lifelong commitment is, seeing as what I’ve been through. Just a bit offended, thanks.

    • Genevieve

      Hannah-Rose, psychological studies have proven that children of divorced parents are more likely to get a divorce. They weren’t saying anything about you or your situation. I hope you eventually have a great and lifelong marriage, but you can’t take your personal beliefs and argue it as fact.

    • aly

      i agree with u thats so true its not what ever happens to her parents is doesn’t mean its goin to happen to her and liam.:)

  • Cynthia Sanchez

    i honestly think if she wants to get married she should go ahead and do it i mean like they sed they have been dating for a quit longggg time and if she ready or isnt then thts her problem i mean i know other pple tht got MARRIED at 15 dude like really get a life and stop botherin if a celebrity want to get married dude its her life ahead of her. her carrier

  • amanda

    I honestly don’t care. I don’t think it’s that wierd that she’s 19 and getting married. People do it all the time. I personally plan to wait but that’s me.

  • BVB 4evr

    her choice not urs get over it already!!!!

  • allie

    I think that they should do what they want to do. They don’t need teenagers opinions whether or not to get married. I mean how dumb is it that they want teenagers opinions to know if they should or shouldn’t get married. But if I have to I would say no she should wait until she is at least 21 years old, I mean really marrie at 19. Well that is the kind of s*** she is.

  • aly

    it’s way to early for her to be get married and they are only 19 i mean the 5 reasons why she’s really ready is just judging liam hemsworth by his looks.i mean sooo hot is such a stupid reason have feelings for a guy what really should matter is if he’s a good person and if he’s not then DON’T RISK IT! if you don’t know how he is then start trying to firgure it out soon before it’s to late then you have firgure it when you live together and he ends up being the total oppisite of what showed you when you were dating it happens everyday, everywhere all i’m saying is i hope that you understand in your head about what you are doing. remember you are the one thats going to maybe yell at each other and maybe fight sometimes and its because you properly because you to rushed it all i have to say.good luck you are going to need it at this age.

  • Fabs123

    I love the idea of them getting married. They make a kute and adorable couple. <3

  • ashley

    i love this couple, they are both so cute and miley looks so happy when shes with Liam… thats pure love.

  • Smiler1996

    I say Congratulations! They seem super serious and really care about each and even though they’ve had rough times they’ve gotten through and are better than ever :)

  • Hunger Games FAN!!!!

    Mileys going to make an awesome wife!! and i think Miley just needs a solid man in her life,and Liam would defiantly fit the part. Good Luck Liam and Miley !!!!!!

  • Anna

    i thought at first that she was too young but now im starting to think maybe OK i mean my brother married at 20

  • Leilane

    The most important is that they love each other and that Liam is treating her very well and is proud of her and be with her ​​… I think they are too young to get married, but both have their own lives and things to do, so if there is love, let them try!

  • Ashley

    I don’t think it is far to judge her on how young she is! This is her personal choice! If she feels good about the person she is marrying then go for it! I truly wish them the best!

  • – A

    I think Shallon has 4 really valid points and I really hope Miley and Liam do well together. I am rooting for them and I wish them all the best in their life together.

    But “reason” #5 is BS. It’s superficial, shallow, and really stupid. What about Liam as a person, and not a object? “Omg he’s cute! Omg he’s srsly sexy…” Really?! C’mon! And Lexie is just as bad for agreeing. If I was dating Liam and he was a d-bag, I dump him! Regardless of (quote) “…his sick acting skills, insane body and uh-dorable accent…” There is so much more to a person!! Personality, morals, ethics, character, and more. Lord, what has happened to our world when looks make a person? Oh wait, nowadays they do!! (Kill me now… please)

    • me

      true dat

  • Lorenne

    I don’t mind her getting married or anything, but seriously, Shallon Lester, don’t write like a 13 year old talking about gossip to her friends. You have a college education, I’m pretty sure “srsly” would make your ex professors cringe.

    • Lexie

      So true.c:

    • Mels

      Agreed. I think she’s trying to write like a “teenage” girl but actually it looks so stupid and fake.

      • BVB 4evr

        ur stupid and fake!!!! shut it Bitch!

  • Lexie

    I think they are a great couple, and the last thing is the best.c:

  • AllAmericanGirl

    They Actually Make A Cute Couple…..Its Worth The Try!!

    • Mavibell

      I think its great but its too early