Trendspotting: Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Zendaya and More Rock Saddle Shoes

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Pretty much every fashionsita in Hollywood has been spotted wearing saddle shoes, the newest take on oh-so-trendy oxfords. We love to see girls bringing back these vintage-inspired kicks!

Zendaya recently rocked a platform pair at the premiere of ‘Let It Shine’ while Taylor Swift (a.k.a. the trendy shoe goddess) sported two-tone saddle shoes while flower shopping recently. Kristen Stewart‘s all-black pair that she wore to talk to Jay Leno about Snow White and the Huntsman were super subtle, but if you look closely you can see the saddle shoe lines. So whether you want to go kinda crazy with the trend like Zendaya or more low-key like K-Stew, these shoes are musts.

Worried this trend is good for fall, but not summer? Our friends at have you covered with their DIY version of glitter saddle shoes on a pair of inexpensive lightweight summer kicks!

Fun right? Check out all the celebs we’ve seen rocking saddle shoes in the pic gallery below — they’re sure to give you some ideas on how to bring out your inner poodle-skirt wearing kinda girl! Will you be picking up some saddle shoes pronto? Which version is your fave?

Amandla Stenberg

Photo: WENN

Whitney Port

Photo: WENN

Emma Roberts

Photo: WENN

Ashley Greene

Photo: WENN

Kristen Stewart

Photo: NBC

Zendaya Coleman

Photo: WENN

Demi Lovato

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift

Photo: WENN


Photo: WENN

Blake Lively

Photo: WENN

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  • Ashley

    Zen is looking super fantabulous,cool,cute i luv her outfit love it superb

  • fan zendaya

    me encanta zendaya es la mejor mejor mejor del mundo ella es perfecta
    y por eso me encanta como es sincera no como otras que e creen algo por ser famosass
    te kiero sendaya eres la mejorr
    i love
    i love
    i love

  • Zende

    Zendaya is my cousin and i think she look amazing and awesome!! I love thoese shoes im going to take them from here!! heheh and y’all follow her on twitter @Zendaya96 she preparing a guest list for her 16th birthday!! you might win a chance to see her!! all the deet are on her twitter !! so get to follow and also dont forget to follow her manger @Exotic_xo

    • Jewel

      Well, YOUR A LIE!!!!!!!!

  • Tren

    Z’s is the best and i would love her to be mii girlfriend

  • avery

    love the outfit zen!!!! im ur biggest fan!!!! love your show <3

  • john jackson

    very nice zen like thi shoes but to tell the truth im in love with you and i would like to take you on a date and yes your parents can come just to make sure you wotn think of me as a weirdoooooooooo you can look me up on twitter and face

  • alyssa

    i am not a big fan of the shoes

  • Sufiya

    zendaya looks perfect her outfit is to die for and she made the shoes work she is definetly a trendsetter

    • Firaun

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  • julian.d

    your ssssssssssooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttt with that out fit and thoes shoes

    • julian.d


  • VeryPari

    I loooooveeee shoes!!!! Especially the ones that Zendaya rocked. FAB!!!!

  • hotie290

    zinbeya is rockin that top…rock on.

    • miss loliitta44

      ehhmm the name is zendaya nd if u guys don’t like or LOVE HER jstt don’t comment OOok plzzzz :)

  • Tatiana

    i like all of them except for Zendayas

  • BVB 4evr

    eeeeewwwwwwwww get some taste ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystle


    • Tiffany

      Zendaya clomen looks really classy with that amazing rare orange top on and the shoes are just perfect should i say purrfect LOL!!