Exclusive Pics of Jennifer Lawrence in Her New Movie, “The House at the End of the Street!”

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After seeing Jennifer Lawrence fight to the very literal death in The Hunger Games, we were pretty sure that it wasn’t possible for Jen to be in a worse situation than Katniss was in. Until…this movie happened. Jennifer’s next project is a thriller called The House at The End of the Street, where she plays a teen, Elissa, who moves into a new neighborhood with her mom and soon discovers the house next door is haunted. So haunted, in fact, that the girl living in it murdered her parents and left only her brother (who, appropriately, is played by the really hot Max Thieriot). Sounds terrifyingly awesome already.

So, of course, romance between Elissa and hot neighbor, mystery and loud screeches ensue, and to get you amped up for this flick, we’ve got some exclusive pics of Jennifer, Max, and Elizabeth Schue, who plays her mom. Check ’em out below:







The movie hits theaters September 21! Are you into thrillers like this one? Excited to see Jen in her first non-Katniss role in a while?

Our Fave Jennifer Lawrence Moments from the MTV Movie Awards!

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  • mikyle

    this is nice!!! I love Jen since I first saw her act in HUHGER GAMES!!!

  • Soph

    i think jen is amazing!!! it might sound weird, but i wish i was katniss in the hunger games cos then i could be with PEETA!!!! this movie looks good but my mum won’t see it. i’ll see it with my boy friend.

  • Camille

    Uh, to whoever wrote this article, this isn’t Jen’s first non-Katniss role..

  • Elise Overvik

    Actually, I don’t like this kind of movies, but I want to see it just because Jen is in it :) She is so AMAZING<3

  • Joe

    I am not going to see the movie, but I am a fan of Jennifer Lawrrence…the movie seems way too dramatic and I doubt it would be popular without Jennifer!