Quiz: Which Rock Song is Your Anthem?

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We are SO pumped for the Rock of Ages movie. (P.S. It’s out rightthissecond!) And since the flick — starring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Russell Brand and more! — is packed with awesome classic rock numbers, we figured this would be the best chance to find your perfect rocker anthem. Quiz it up to find out!


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  • laura

    Have to say we will rock you but I’m a rocker and like most rock song

  • Maya

    I like the songs somebody that I used to know and everybody talks. My result was everybody talks.

  • Thais

    folk rock/metal? What the heck does that sound like? Well, If you;re looking for some hradcore Folk music, then I suggest Don Ross when he’s pigeonholed to define his music, he often calls it heavy wood. It’s probably not first on your list, but some of his songs are just insane the guy can play the hell out of an acoustic guitar. Check out these songs on youtube: Loaded Leather Moonroof, Michael Michale Michael, Tight Trite Night, Afraid To Dance, Robot Monster, Elevation Music, Dracula and Friends Part One (and Two). Good stuff!

  • Kelsie

    I relly like three days grace korn disturturbed and

  • Mel

    Um…They could have had better choices like real rock bands not this mainstream crap that people only think are rock bands. They should have had bands like AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, you know the real rock.

    • Aurora

      that this is an impractical chcioe considering the Maine winter season,but who minds a little frostbite when you look so cool? Note: “Cool” is a relative term, to me it means that while in the grocery store the other day, my shoes caused a little girl to remark ( much to her mother’s embarrassment) “Look Mom, that lady has cartoon feet!”

  • KitKat

    I didn’t even take the quiz, I just read the comments.
    I agree with OhDarling; this generation’s music is complete crap. The sad part is most teens actually like it. I like grunge rock and industrial music (like Nine Inch Nails but WAY more underground and heavier).

  • Lexi

    Omygawd. I agree with @ohdarling. These ARE NOT ROCK! From the one question about which bands you would find on my iPod I thought “okay so at least they know SOME bands (even some that are slightly poppy) like P!ATD or jacks maniquin but SERIOUSLY? Fun, wiz kalifa, maroon 5?! NOT ROCK AT ALL!

  • Oh Darling

    Wiz Khalifa? We Are Young? These are seriously your interpretation of rock songs/artists? This is rediculous, I was expecting some REAL rock music, or at least some songs from Rock of Ages…
    My generation’s music saddens me :( bring back bands like Guns n Roses and Van Halen<3