What Ed Sheeran Will Look Like in 50+ Years

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This guy’s been all over our radar lately; he writes songs for One Direction, he’s new BFFs with Taylor Swift and he starred opposite Rupert Grint in his music video. So is there any wonder why we picked Ed Sheeran to “age”-ify this week? Didn’t think so. So if you wanna look into the future of the up-and-coming British singer, keep on reading…

Ed at 21 years old
Just you wait, this guy’s gonna take over the U.S. pretty darn soon.


See how Ed’s gonna look!

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  • M

    Ed and Shaun White look nothing alike! Ed has a rounder face, while Shaun’s is long and horse-like…

  • BethanyJedhedMartin

    aww he’s so cute ahahaha can we have more on jedward also PLEASEE