One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Harry Styles Get (More) Tattoos & Reveal New Album News

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Every Directioner knows that Zayn Malik has a thing for tattoos. Adding to his ever-growing collection of ink, the 1D hottie was spotted with a brand new piece of body art at the One Direction concert in Anaheim, California over the weekend. While Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne enjoyed their day off at California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain, Zayn added his new tat: a life-size picture of a traditional microphone, similar to the one he sings into every night.

Always the jokster, his bandmate Harry Styles took Zayn’s new addition as an opportunity to have a little bit of fun by using his real-life microphone to imitate the ink.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik

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Harry doesn’t really have much room to joke, however, because he, too, joined in on the tattooing fun. He, unlike Zayn, opted for a more subtle approach, choosing to get The Temper Trap lyrics, “won’t stop ’till we surrender,” added underneath his previous star tattoo.

Harry Styles


In other (and super exciting) 1D album news, Niall further confirmed what we told you — their new CD will (hopefully) be done by Christmas. He recently told Ryan Seacrest, “We’re trying to get it done. We’re working on it at the moment — recording whenever we can and writing songs on the road. Hopefully, we can get it done before Christmas.” We know that Christmas is like, forever from now, but we’ll take what we can get!

While we’re waiting patiently for 1D’s new album, we’ll be stuck wondering just what kind of music we can expect to hear. Well, in a recent interview, Justin Bieber was asked about a possible duet with the boys, and trust us, his answer is one that will make millions of people fangirl. JB said he would love to work with One Direction, adding, “they just have to ask.” Oh. My. God.

What do you think about Harry & Zayn’s new tattoos? Do you like a guy with ink? What do you think 1D’s next album will sound like? Would you want to hear a 1D/JB duet?

One Direction To (Possibly) Perform at the Olympics!

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  • jyoti

    zayn is my crush
    zayn is my love
    zayn is more than this;)

  • happy

    i love them but now they r starting to to many and it looks wired they looked better when they were on x factor but i still love them( go harry and zain) lol

  • Ana Beatriz Q. Barrios

    Yikes!!!! What happen to Zayn and Harry??

  • 1dluvv

    i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its really cool

  • Fatıma Zehra

    I don’t appreciate it Zayn. Getting inked isn’t good for your health and you’re Muslim :( :/

    • Lea

      Who cares if you appriciate it or not! It’s Zayns decision not your!

  • andrea

    that is sick!!!!!!

    • Arianna

      that is so kuul i love the bottem because it looks all broken and shatered♥

  • Bree

    Niall should getta tat he would look hot with one and i love Zayns tatoo irs amazayn

  • diana

    i love all one direction but i love harry the most

  • Rachel

    I love them and their tattoos!

  • VeryPari

    I absolutely adore Zayn’s tattoos! THEY’RE HOT!!!! Harry’s are too. I wonder if the other boys will get any inkkkkkkkkkk

  • jade

    I love Zayn Malik I do not speak inglish I’m braziliam !!

  • loren

    i love zayn and harrys tattoos i think there cool i think there next album will be good with the biebs :) cant wait till i can buy it then

  • Zonaidah

    That a sick ass tattoo , it cute that you both got the some tattoo :)

  • Drew

    I Love Both Tattoos <3 xxxxx

  • mikyle

    I think its fine when a guy have tattoos as long as it doesnt cover his whole body because in that way they look dirty (sorry if you were like that!! hahaha) I guess their album will turn out great just like their first one… cant wait to get a copy soon!!! I dont like Biebs so the duet for me is a no-no… LOL haha

  • lily23

    Those are awsome tattoos;) so Leave Harry and Zayn alone!! They didnt do nothing to you, they only had a tattoo so what do you want from them?!?!

  • Debby

    What about Josh?! He got one too! :)

  • lupita

    the awsome!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • sarah

    that’s not even the right lyrics. The song says, “won’t stop to surrender”

  • volleyball lover

    wow,i cant believe they both got that same tatoo. i would not get that tatoo if it where me

  • Jessicamk11

    Such a terrible tattoo. So many people have the exact same one. Oh well, thank god it’s not on my body.

    • saarahh

      youu tellem guuurl ! (:

  • Emily

    Whoa I didn’t know Harry had a tattoo lol…
    But that would be so frickin awesome if Justin Bieber and One Direction had a duet! 😀

    • Sylviie

      Justin Bieber and One Direction? NO!
      theyre soo… i dunno. different?

  • Jennifer

    More like 9th tattoo (not counting the cover-up on one!)